Administrative Staff

Usman Mirza, Chief Executive Officer

Usman Mirza
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Kean, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Kean
Chief Operating Officer

Devashnee Rodrigue, Chief Financial Officer

Devashnee Rodrigue
Chief Financial Officer 

Sarah Moczygemba, Director of Human Resources

Sarah Moczygemba
Director of Human Resources 

Ronald Bullock, Director of Clinical and Ambulatory Services

Ronald Bullock
Director of Clinical and Ambulatory Services

Mikael Moore, Director of Professional Reimbursement

Mikael Moore
Director of Professional Reimbursement 

Sara Hicks, Marketing Director

Sara Waterman Hicks
Marketing Director 

John Urban, Director of Patient Services

John Urban
Director of Patient Services

Kevin Dennis, Hospital Orthopaedic Services Director

Kevin Dennis
Hospital Orthopaedic Services Director

Ryan Villanueva
Hospital Orthopaedic Services Director

Cheri Kemnitz, Clinic Manager

Cheri Kemnitz
Clinic Manager

Keila McKnight, Clinic Manager

Keila McKnight
Clinic Manager 

Erica Salazar, Office Manager

Erica Salazar
Clinic Manager

Carrie Miller, Technology and Training Manager

Carrie Miller
Technology and Training Manager

Kate Sheeran, Quality & Research Manager

Kate Sheeran
Quality & Research Manager

Kristina Nelson, Accounting Manager

Kristina Nelson
Accounting Manager

Jacqueline Havens

Jackie Bull
Marketing Manager

Miles Matthews

Miles Matthews
Business Development

Christopher Olivares

Christopher Olivares
Growth Officer

Vikki Gomez

Vikki Gomez
Executive Assistant