Chris Kean: Chief Operating Officer, The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group

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Earlier this year, The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group decided to create its own weight-loss reality show. It launched the, “TSAOG Biggest Loser Fitness Competition.” Participants paid $20 each and were awarded a range of prizes for certain achievements.

Out of 287 employees, the program had 26 participants, 24 which stayed to see the program through. “We lost a total of 265.3 pounds,” says Chris Kean, chief operating officer.

But the group is not stopping there.

“Developing incentives like weight-loss programs are a cost-effective way to motivate our employees to improve their health and well-being, which we believe is the cornerstone to building a successful business,” say Kean. “Bottom line, healthy employees are happy employees and we will continue to invest in developing programs that have proven success, like the ones we have developed over the past few years.”

This fall, the Orthapaedic Group will also partner with Spectrum and the Virgin HealthMiles program to offer participants incentives for physical activity.

“Having our employees track their results with fun competition is a great way to promote our culture of healthy living,” Kean says. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing our results.”

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