Some Tips for Staying Healthy as Soccer Season Begins

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Many kids today are playing soccer, not football … so more soccer  injuries are coming through the door at the bone doc’s office.

Dr. Randall Marx of the San Antonio Orthopaedic Group, the region’s leading orthopaedic practice, is learning a lot more about soccer simply by treating all of the soccer injuries now coming through his door.

“We see more overuse type injuries with soccer and more high impact injuries with football.”

Like most Texans, Marx grew up with football … but soccer is the sport for the younger generations.

“People are more familiar with football, and the equipment that goes with it and the injuries associated with it.”

Marx has some tips to avoid injury:

“The athletes should prepare themselves by hydrating, they should wear multiple layers, since it’s cold weather they should have layers that they can remove as the warm up, they also need to warm up and stretch and they also need to wear shin guards and cleats.”

Hips, knees thighs and calves should be play ready and warmed up … cold muscles are much more prone to injury.

He says most patients limp in with ankle sprains.

“Contusions to the lower extremity, this can be prevented with shin guards; we see shin splints in athletes that play too aggressively without progressing their activities over time.

“Lots of ankle sprains limping into the office as well as tendonitis .. and occassionally a broken bone. when pain is lingering and severe that’s the time to see the doctor. There are some 480,000 soccer injuries a year.

NOTE: We cannot provide medical advice or diagnoses without seeing a patient in person.

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