TSAOG Says No to Phone Tag, Adds Scheduling Resources

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Well, San Antonio, you talked and TSAOG listened!  Last year, our patients told us that they were frustrated with our scheduling process, often being put on hold or forwarded to voicemail when they called to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.  That frustrated us too!

Beginning November 15th, 2012, TSAOG engaged additional scheduling resources to ensure that all scheduling calls (during normal business hours) are answered the first time, eliminating the need to leave a message and putting an end to the inevitable game of phone tag that follows.  This means that anytime you call us to schedule an appointment at 210.281.9595, you will get a live person on the phone to help you.  

So far, patient feedback has been FANTASTIC!  According to Carrie Miller, our Director of Scheduling, the new schedulers answered 2,500 calls and scheduled 900 appointments in the last month alone!

In addition to improving your phone scheduling experience, TSAOG is working to expand our web scheduling capability for your convenience. Right now, you can request an appointment with any of TSAOG’s physicians by sending a secure message to our Scheduling department through the Patient Portal.  In the future, we hope to expand that system even more to allow patients to actually schedule themselves online!  

Listening to your concerns and working hard to improve your healthcare experience is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.


NOTE: We cannot provide medical advice or diagnoses without seeing a patient in person.

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