TSAOG Celebrates National Occupational Therapy Month 2015

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April is National Occupational Therapy Month, so we want to give a big shout out to our Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs)!

Dr. Paul Pace and his team put together these awesome thank you boards to allow patients to thank them for all that they do. According to Dr. Pace, “We work very closely with CHTs . As a surgeon, it is very valuable to have the therapist be an extra set of eyes on the patient during the healing process. They are an integral part of in the rehabilitation process and returning function to the most commonly injured part of the body. Hand Therapists are occupational therapists with additional training and certification in the treatment of upper extremity injuries. Their training makes them an integral part of treatment for these injuries. For some types of injuries, it is absolutely necessary that the patient receive therapy in order to have a good outcome following surgery. In these cases, the relationship built between the patient and therapist is just as important as the relationship between the patient and the physician. I personally work extremely closely with the hand therapist and value greatly the work that each therapist does to return the patient back to their normal activities following a hand injury.

Without further ado, meet our Hand Therapy Team!

Certified Hand Therapists - Orthopaedic Institute
Pamela Meyer and Valerie Vela

Certified Hand Therapists Mission Trail San Antonio
Susan Gerik

Certified Hand Therapists Stone Oak San Antonio
Tony Biasiolli

Jessica Ward

Certified Hand Therapy San Antonio Medical Center
Brant Rhodes

According to hand and wrist surgeon Dr. Stephen Drukker, “The best thing about our hand therapists is the partnership we have together.  Each of them is dedicated to the best outcomes for our patients.  We work as a team and speak regularly to plan and execute the best treatment for our patients.

Let’s give them all a BIG HAND! Hit the comments to share how a hand therapists has helped you!

NOTE: We cannot provide medical advice or diagnoses without seeing a patient in person.

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