TSAOG Physical and Hand Therapy Wins 2014/2015 APEX Quality Award

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We are so happy to announce that TSAOG’s Physical and Hand Therapy has been named a 2014/2015 APEX Quality Award Winner! The APEX award recognizes outstanding patient satisfaction and overall quality of care.

According to SPH Analytics, “this national distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations and care teams who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence in patient satisfaction and overall care in the 12-month evaluation period. Winners include ambulatory surgery centers, catheterization laboratories, diagnostic imaging centers, endoscopy centers, hospitals, pain management centers, physician practices, and therapy and rehabilitation centers. APEX Quality Award recipients use EdgePerception, an insightful patient satisfaction surveying and perception management solution and legacy product of Voyance which was acquired by SPH Analytics in 2014. Winners are determined based solely on patient feedback and evidence-based success. The APEX Quality Award has been adopted as one of the most prestigious awards throughout the healthcare industry, with only 104 facilities nationwide recognized this year.

Congratulations to our Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy teams for earning this distinguished award!

One thought on “TSAOG Physical and Hand Therapy Wins 2014/2015 APEX Quality Award”

  1. Moises Valadez says:

    Hi, my name is Moises Valadez and I’m 39 yrs old, I broke my Tibla & Fibula at work about 8 weeks ago. I met Dr Kevin Kirk days after my injury and he suggested surgery w/ steel implants “screws”. I am not a fan of surgery so this was big for me, especially when he said it will take 12 weeks to get back to 75% the way I was. Even though the visit w/Dr Kirk was short some how he made me feel good about this and without question I agreed and had surgery 2 days later. The first 2 weeks where very tough, no walking at all, and especially tough when you have that one family member that is negative about everything. All I heard was “You should of got a second option!!” and ” You don’t even know the Dr and you let him put screws in your foot! What where you thinking!!” None the less I stayed strong and watched myself get better everyday. I visited Dr Kevin Kirk on 11-17-15 and instead of getting a cast for 2 weeks he put me in a low bearing air boot and could get get around w/ crutches. This was great, it was a sign that progress was positive. Dr Keven Kirk is a true professional,100%, he made me feel confident and stay positive, I went back to work on light duty the Monday of Thanksgiving week 2015, again,it was tough but staying positive was the key. I visited Dr Kirk a week ago and he told me everything looked great and to start therapy asap. I’m walking without crutches now but I’m still in my air boot, I’m getting stronger everyday but I feel the hardest part is done and I know eventually I’ll reach my goal and surpass it, again Dr Kevin Kirk and his staff are true professionals and would recommend them to anyone that had my similar injury. Merry Christmas and may Santa bring you everything you asked for, I know he took care of me.

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