TSAOG Welcomes Dr. Neel Bhandari and Dr. Jonathan Duncan

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TSAOG is very pleased to welcome Dr. Naumit “Neel” S. Bhandari and Dr. Jonathan S. Duncan to our practice! Their first day is Tuesday, September 8th.


Dr. Jonathan S. Duncan is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in disorders of the spine. He completed his fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

He will be treating all orthopedic conditions of the back and neck for patients of all ages and will hold clinic at the following TSAOG locations: Schertz, Medical Center, Westover Hills, and Stone Oak. Dr. Duncan’s special interests include:

  • Cervical & Lumbar Decompression and Fusions
  • Minimally Invasive and Microsurgical Techniques
  • Cervical Spine Surgery including Arthroplasty
  • Revisions and Infections
  • Spinal Metastasis
  • Spine Fractures and Trauma
  • Degenerative Scoliosis

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Duncan, please call 210.281.9595.

To learn more about Dr. Duncan’s background and training, please visit his webpage.


Dr. Naumit “Neel” S. Bhandari is an anesthesiology physician, specializing in pain medicine. He completed his fellowship training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX.

He will be treating all all acute and chronic pain conditions for patients aged 12 years and older and will hold clinic at the following TSAOG locations: Schertz, Medical Center, Westover Hills, Mission Trail, and Stone Oak. Dr. Bhandari’s special interests include:

  • Non-surgical Interventional Therapies of the Spine and Major joints
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty
  • Radiofrequency Neurotomy/Ablation
  • Epidural Steroid and Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Injections
  • Botox for Chronic Migraines
  • Ultrasound Guided Injections
  • Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) Injections

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhandari, please call 210.281.9595.

To learn more about Dr. Bhandari’s background and training, please visit his webpage.

Recruiting specialty trained orthopedic surgeons is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.

TSAOG Welcomes Dr. Adewale Adeniran

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TSAOG is very pleased to welcome Dr. Adewale O. Adeniran to our practice! His first day is Monday, August 17th.


Dr. Adeniran is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in disorders of the spine. He completed his fellowship training at Texas Back Institute in Plano, TX.

He will be treating all orthopedic conditions of the back and neck for patients aged 11 years and up and will hold clinic at the following TSAOG locations: Schertz, The Orthopaedic Institute, and Mission Trail. Dr. Adeniran’s special interests include:

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and fusion
  • Cervical disc replacement
  • Lumbar micro-discectomy
  • Lumbar decompression
  • Lumbar fusion surgery
  • Deformity correction and fusion surgery
  • Robot Assisted spinal fusion
  • Posterior cervical surgery: laminoplasty and laminectomy/fusion
  • Vertebral Augmentation
  • Spine tumor resections
  • Implantation of spinal cord stimulators
  • Spinal injections

Without further ado, meet Dr. Adewale Adeniran:

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Adeniran, please call 210.281.9595.

To learn more about Dr. Adeniran’s background and training, please visit his webpage.

Recruiting specialty trained orthopedic surgeons is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.

How to Tell if You Have a Herniated Disc

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons the average person will make a doctor’s appointment. Many people are concerned that their back pain could be related to a herniated disc. This is a term that is commonly used, but often misunderstood.

To understand the function and importance of your discs, think of them as cushions between the bones, or vertebrae, of your back. The discs help to stabilize your spine and allow it to move properly. Additionally, the discs help create space for your spinal nerves to exit the spinal column as they continue to their destination (ex: your legs).  

The discs in your back are made up of two components:

  • Annulus fibrosus – a tough, but flexible outer ring
  • Nucleus pulposus – a soft and jelly-like center

What is a Herniated Disc?
A herniated disc, also referred to as a slipped or ruptured disc, occurs when the material in the center of the disc escapes through a crack in the outer ring. This can be caused by simple wear and tear or a sudden injury. This escaped material can press on your spinal nerves, causing pain in the neck and back, often with referred symptoms to the arms or legs.

Diagram of Spine Showing Herniated Disc in Back 

Most herniated discs occur in the lower back, or lumbar spine, but they can also occur in the neck.

Symptoms of a herniated disc include:

  • Back pain or neck pain
  • Pain in the arms or legs 
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms or legs
  • Weakness in the arms or legs

Often the most obvious symptoms of a herniated disc are not in the neck or back, but in the extremities connected to the affected nerves. A herniated disc in your lower back may cause the most intense pain in your thigh, calf, and buttocks, whereas a herniated disc in your neck may cause the most intense pain in your arm and shoulder. 

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, especially coupled with pain in the arms or legs, this is your body’s way of signaling you that something is not right and it is time to seek medical attention. A herniated disc can be a complicated health matter and must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid complications and chronic pain.  

What Will My Doctor Do to Help?
The first step to treating a herniated disc is a definitive diagnosis. Make an appointment with a back pain specialist (ex: chiropractor, pain management physician, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, or orthopedic surgeon). Your doctor will perform a thorough physical exam along with imaging (x-rays and possibly an MRI) to identify the problem area. If you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, there are 4 stages of increasing severity that your doctor will need to assess to help determine what type of care is appropriate. 

In the early stages of disc herniation, your condition can likely be helped by chiropractic care. Chiropractors utilize a safe, gentle, and effective form of non-surgical care called spinal manipulation.  If you are a candidate for spinal manipulation, treatment can usually begin immediately and will likely involve flexion-distraction.  

Flexion-distraction is one of the most beneficial forms of spinal manipulation for a herniated disc. It involves the use of a precision-engineered table. While lying on your stomach the table is set to gently bend at the waist in a specific rhythmic pattern that is based on your condition. All movements are provided and controlled by your chiropractor – not a computer. The bending creates a pumping action that can help the disc return to its normal location and therefore begin the healing process. Your care plan is designed to correct the problem, not mask the symptoms. Multiple sessions, of 10 minutes or less, are required. Coupled with home exercises and ice therapy, this condition can usually be managed well without the need for surgery or medication.

When Chiropractic Care is Not Enough
There are rare cases, however, where a patient would not benefit from chiropractic care and non-surgical treatment is not enough to correct the problem. These are usually advanced cases which could include arm or leg weakness or numbness over the gluteal area, difficulty walking or standing, and loss of control of the bowel/bladder. These cases should be considered an emergency and should be seen by a qualified spinal surgeon as soon as possible.

San Antonio chiropractor Dr. Scott SeidelDr. Scott Seidel is a chiropractor with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He treats patients of all ages and provides non-surgical care for pain of the neck, back, and extremities. His special interests include herniated discs, SI pain, and low back pain. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Seidel, please call 210.281.9595 or request an appointment online.

Exercising in the Evening Won’t Undo the Damage from Sitting All Day

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A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine has concluded that a sedentary lifestyle will have negative consequences on your health regardless of whether or not you exercise. In other words, working out after work won’t counteract the damage you’ve done sitting down at your desk all day.

Dr. Ephraim Brenman, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group, was called on for comment by WOAI Radio. Read the full interview.

The risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for 8-12 hours or more per day) are numerous, including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer.Though one work out period per day won’t help to offset these risks, breaking up periods of inactivity throughout the day will.

According to Dr. Brenman, the key is to remain as active as possible, even in small increments, throughout the day. “Every thirty minutes, try to get up and walk around for one or two or three minutes.” This applies at home and at the office.

You can also start using tools, including stand-up desks, under desk bikes, or activity trackers to help you remain more active during the day.

San Antonio non-surgical spine physician Dr. Ephraim BrenmanDr. Ephraim Brenman is a board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He treats patients aged 12 years and up for for neck and back pain, with or without referred symptoms to the limbs. To request an appointment with Dr. Brenman, please call 210.281.9595 or submit a request online.

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – December 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it! Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s December 2014 Customer Survey:

  • “Well organized and on time. I was very pleased with Dr. Balldin’s assessment and treatment plan and his answers to my questions”
  • Dr Bell and his staff always addressed each patient by name and treated individuals with warmth and compassion. Over the last year I never waited more than 10 minutes to see Dr Bell and for most of my appointments he was right on time.”
  • “[I liked] that there are multiple docs under one roof whose specialties overlap and they can collaborate.”
  • “[Dr. Brenman] and his nursing staff are always super efficient and even though I know they see a huge amount of patients they offer me really personalized care.”
  • Dr. Brown is extremely knowledgeable and explains procedures and options well, and PA Rice has been very helpful and thorough.”
  • “I never feel like I am in an assembly line like I have when I am a patient in other practices.”
  • Dr. Burkhart gave me my life back by successfully operating on my rotator cuff injury. No more pain and can do anything I did before the surgery. Great Man Dr. Burkhart!”
  • “I don’t like coming to the SAOG only because it means I am injured or starting to fall apart due to age, BUT I like coming to SAOG because I’m cared for very well and am very satisfied with my care and the customer service. Thanks to all of the staff, keep up the great work!” (Dr. Connor)
  • “I was very impressed with how well the office was run overall. There was a calm atmosphere and everyone I encountered was very pleasant.”
  • Dr. Drukker was already my physician, but also a lady in Houston recommended him. He is great!”
  • “Very happy with Dr. Garcia. Also with his regular follow-ups”
  • “I like Dr. Gonzalez and think he is an excellent surgeon and physician.”
  • “Although Dr. Hartzler is listed as a shoulder/ elbow specialist, he agreed to see me regarding my foot/ankle problem. He was very kind and I felt well taken care of.”
  • Radiologist and Leticia (Technician) were awesome. I was nervous and scared and they made me feel at ease and explained everything.”
  • “I was actually surprised at the speed with which I was able to get a new patient appointment.”
  • “Doctors are friendly and listen carefully” (Dr. Hibberd)
  • “Keep up the great work — both the office and the practice seem to run like well-oiled machines, with great resources and availability.”
  • Dr. Hughes listens well, takes my lifestyle into consideration when making recommendations on treatment.”
  • “I have always been able to be seen promptly by my doctor and the staff has always been courteous and professional.” (Dr. Jacobs)
  • “I would like to thank Dr. Kaiser for the wonderful job he did on my knee.”
  • Dr. Kirk was very gentle, patient & explained in great detail everything I needed to know.”
  • “I loved the care I received from Dr. Marx and would highly recommend him to anyone needing surgery.”
  • “Able to get seen quickly, Dr Ochoa is a good guy. I would recommend him to anyone.”
  • “With a complete state of the art facility each and every detail was handled perfectly. An amazing staff and an equally amazing set of doctors. I was completely impressed and 100% pleased!”
  • Dr. Paul Pace and his staff are amazing and I am so thankful to each and every member of his team that were involved in any aspect of my surgery and continued treatment. Thank you thank you thank you”
  • “The doctor shows an interest in my overall well being.” (Dr. Rowland)
  • “The doctors are fully informed in the field of orthopaedics. They offer a storage of information to help me understand my condition and the plan of treatment. They are friendly and make you feel very comfortable.”
  • “It was my first visit with Dr. Rutstein and I was very impressed. She is well informed in her field and had answers to all of my concerns. She took a lot of time to explain and offer suggestions. It was a beautiful experience. Her treatment plan is making a big difference in my condition. “
  • “…chiropractic services help me a lot.” (Dr. Seidel)
  • Dr Taber has a great bedside manner, very professional. I completely trust him with my care”
  • “From the first visit, my care has been exceptional, personalized, and caring. This is the best orthopedic organization I have ever had the honor of using. You have extensively improved my daily functioning and reduced my pain significantly, improving my overall lifestyle.”
  • Dr. Tolin exhibits exceptional patient relations. He is PROFESSIONAL, focused on the patient, and educational. I have never had the superior attention he provides to me.”
  • “Very pleased with all aspects of the hip replacement process. I would and have recommended Dr. Ursone to anyone considering hip or knee replacement. Extremely pleased with the care provided by North Central Baptist Hospital.”
  • “Excellent customer service!” (Dr. Valdez)
  • “Excellent experience. Some of my favorite docs in the past have had poor staff. Not SA Orthopedic! Everyone is top notch!” (Dr. Viroslav)
  • “I know that the good Lord sent me to Dr Woodbury and his staff.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our patient survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime

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How Do I Choose the Right Backpack for My Child? (VIDEO)

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Dr. Scott R. Seidel, neck and back pain specialist with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group, was interviewed yesterday on Great Day SA regarding how to choose the right backpack for your child. If you missed it live, check out the video below:

***Video courtesy Aircheck News and Great Day SA***

It may seem like a small thing, but choosing the right backpack (and ensuring your child is using it properly) can help prevent serious problems down the road. View the SlideShare presentation below to learn about some of the problems that can be caused by the wrong backpack and what you can do to prevent them:


Dr. Scott Seidel is a chiropractor with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He specializes in the nonsurgical treatment of neck and back pain for patients aged 6 years and up. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Seidel, please call 210.281.9595.

TSAOG Congratulates Our Texas Super Doctors® Rising Stars 2014

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best doctors san antonio

Four physicians from The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group (TSAOG) were listed in Texas Super Doctors® Rising Stars 2014, which appeared in the July 2014 issue of TexasMonthly magazine.

This list showcases standouts in the Texas medical community, as nominated by their peers, who have been in practice for 10 years or less.  The Super Doctors® Rising Stars list is limited to approximately 2.5% of the region’s active physicians. To learn more about how physicians are selected for the list, visit the Super Doctors Website.

Here are our winners:

Orthopedic Surgery
Sports Medicine
Joint Replacement
Arthroscopic Surgery 


Michael W. Hennessy, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgery
Spinal Surgery


Orthopedic Surgery
Sports Medicine
Joint Replacement
Arthroscopic Surgery


Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Surgery
Arthroscopic Surgery


We are so proud of our physicians for making the list and for being 4 of only 6 orthopaedic specialists in San Antonio who did so! Please note: this is the second year on the list for Dr. Woodbury and the third for Dr. Taber.

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – June 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it! Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s June 2014 Customer Survey:

  • Dr. Seidel was very receptive and focused on my needs and had ideas that may help me recover properly from my low back pain.”
  • “The procedure was explained to me in detail by Dr. Marx. A successful surgery was done with minimal pain and discomfort and I am now able to do the things I haven’t been able to do in about 3 years.”
  • “I felt the doc handled the problem very effectively and gave me the opportunity to ask pertinent questions.” (Dr. Rowland)
  • Dr. Ochoa is fabulous. So patient and gave me a clear understanding of what my problem was as well as the choices I had.”
  • “Everyone was professional and friendly. The Dr. was gentle and very informative. His assistants were also gentle and professional. Very good experience all the way around.” (Dr. Ursone)
  • “All personnel are courteous and thorough; Dr. Bell is outstanding — warm, friendly and his information clear and straight to the point.”
  • “I’m an active person especially with the profession I have and having staff that worked with some of the local semi pro teams gave me confidence they I would be in good hands.”
  • Dr. Brenman solved my problem.”
  • Ortho Now is a real winner. Got immediate treatment.”
  • “I am so glad Dr. Balldin was available at my emergency. I could have not had a better doctor I believe that because of him I am walking normally today. I am very grateful.”
  • Dr. Drukker is an awesome physician and takes his job to the highest level there is. Great manners and caring.”
  • Ronald Connor is a great doctor.”
  • “I felt that someone finally understood my concerns and knew what steps to take to address them.”
  • “Very satisfied with Dr. Kaiser and his aide. My wife had her right hip replaced by Dr. Kaiser five years ago and it has made her life much better.”
  • “The after hours clinic option was much needed and allowed me to be seen the same day.”
  • “[I liked] The ability to go from one specialist to another (when this is necessary) and remain in the same office. I also appreciate the computerized history, treatment, care, etc. which any one of the doctors, PA’s or other medical personnel can access. It is an efficient way to practice medicine.”
  • Dr. Rahal and his assistant were very compassionate, courteous, thoughtful, patient, and wonderful!”
  • “I had seen two doctors previously about my condition, with no relief. Within 5-10 minutes, Dr. Viroslav pinpointed the problem. His care, compassion, knowledge, and thoroughness are exceptional, and I feel very secure with him handling my condition.”
  • Dr. Tolin has been guiding my treatment to my knee, much to my satisfaction and appreciation.”
  • “Thanks for being right on top of latest procedures and offering patient pain relief” (Dr. Pace)
  • Dr. Brown is awesome!”
  • “[I liked] the sincerity I feel I am given each time I go in. They are always professional and I am given their full attention.” (Dr. Gonzalez)
  • “[I liked] Timeliness of doctor keeping the appointment time valid and very close to what was set up.” (Dr. Hibberd)
  • Dr. Woodbury took the extra step just to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on with my hand. Thank You Dr. Woodbury for taking that extra step.”
  • “Very professional Dr Jacobs came highly recommended by friends that are PT’s and Dr. DeLee.”
  • “Physicians take the time to explain results of X-rays and treatment options.” (Dr. Garcia)
  • “The care I’ve received from the doctors in The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group has been excellent.”
  • “I feel very comfortable and confident of success with Dr Taber.”
  • Dr Valdez was very courteous and very competent.”
  • “[I liked] The attention Dr. Burkhart gave me.”
  • “Each physician we have seen over the years has been top notch and each has helped us to lead healthy lives.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

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TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – March 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it! Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s March 2014 Customer Survey:

  • Dr. Seidel very quickly diagnosed my issue. I have had many other Drs check on my back pain mainly the VA and they always thought it was an old issue. I was so happy to find that there was a real reason for the pain in the new area. Dr. Seidel quickly saw the issue and offered a solution. I appreciated that medication was not thrown at me to mask the symptoms. He wanted to handle the issue with a non medication treatment plan and that is ok with me. I am tired of pain meds. Way to go!! Dr. Seidel!!!!! You have a fan in me and a long time client. I am sure with my back issues I will be around for some time!!”
  • “I would recommend Dr. Connor. He is great.”
  • “We like Dr. Hibberd’s compassionate care. He visited my mother in the hospital every day and chatted with her. This really made a difference to her.”
  • “I am very pleased with how well Dr Valdez explained my treatment”
  • Dr. Drukker was very thorough and easy to understand when questions were asked.”
  • “Great concept of having multiple doctors, x-ray, physical therapy, surgery,… all in a single building and linked together as a single working unit. I love it. Every doctor that I have visited has been wonderful and provided me with great treatment.”
  • Dr Rowland is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Ephraim [Brenman] is the most attentive, caring and helpful physician I’ve ever seen.”
  • “The surgeon did everything he said he was going to do for me. Any time I had a question the nurses got to quickly with an answer. All of the staff is so friendly and really put you at ease.” (Dr. Marx)
  • “The PT staff was awesome! I was nervous the first time I went in, but was quickly welcomed and became relaxed. I looked forward to going to every PT appointment to help my knee get better. The hours I was able to make appointments was also very helpful and was able to miss very minimal work.”
  • “Well I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to come back to SAOG, but god forbid I get hurt again, they will be my first option for sure!”
  • Dr. Bell and his staff are very helpful and understanding.”
  • Dr. Gonzalez discovered that I had a sprained ankle and explained what I needed to do to make it better. Some people are worth the wait!”
  • Dr. Kaiser always takes time to answer questions and is always personable. He goes above and beyond.”
  • “I saw davis miller first at the urgent care he was very kind, caring and professional, I was impressed, he is very knowledgeable and his bedside manner wonderful. He was able to schedule me for my guided us injection the next day I was in a lot of pain. Then I met his wife theus tech letisha? she was also very sweet, professional and made me feel so comfortable. Dr Rahal was the one who did the procedure and he was also excellent, great bedside manner, and informed me every step of the way what he was doing, very genuine and knowledgeable. All in all this was a great experience in health care, and I am a pediatric nurse practitioner so I feel this kind of care is very hard to find, I was so relieved that I had such fabulous care of the highest quality. Thank You.” (OrthoNow Injury Clinic)
  • “I rarely fill out surveys but a visit to your office (Dr. Taber) was a pleasure – even though I was there because my hip is hurting. you seemed to lessen the pain by your pure sincerity :)”
  • Dr Hennessy was great. I felt like he listened to me. He was very professional and gave me several options for treatment.”
  • “I like Dr. Garcia and his staff. They are always responsive to any questions or needs my husband and I have. He and Luis Perez provide excellent care.”
  • “I just got my ACL repaired and I had the most easy going experience. I was very confident in Dr. Ursone.”
  • Dr. Viroslav agreed to see me after I had a knee replacement, He listened to me, he believed me and he corrected the problems from the first surgery (by another doctor).”
  • “I am making progress this first week and I am hoping for a full recovery. I am doing my hand exercises exactly as directed by Dr. Pace.”
  • “I did a lot of research on the hand doctor I would consult prior to making an appointment. Your practice seems well run and efficient.” (Dr. Woodbury)
  • Dr Brown was very kind, caring and polite to my daughter. The staff was extremely friendly and caring. We felt important even though there were a lot of other patients needing attention.”
  • “I would like to personally thank Dr. Balldin, his staff as well as all the staff in the Physical Therapy department for all their help in getting me back to my healed state.”
  • “I recommend this group whenever I have the opportunity and I have always received positive feedback when my referrals have seen physicians here.”
  • Dr. Burkhart is great! I arrived at the office suffering from long-term shoulder pain, which was relieved in two days by injections. In the past year, I have seen my internist, a rheumatologist and a pain relief specialist, and none have been able to help me. All have attributed the pain to fibromyalgia, and none have suggested x-raying my shoulders. One did refer me to Dr. Burkhart, though. Thank you, Dr. Burkhart!”
  • “No wasted time. In on time, seen immediately, and out of the office quickly. The most efficient process I have ever found.” (Dr. Jacobs)
  • Dr Ochoa is the best. Because of him a cancer was discovered at Stage 1 and completely removed.”
  • “I have always been treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Tolin treats patients like intelligent people that are able to participate in their treatment and recovery. He and every other member of the staff are very good at what they do and inspire great confidence.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – February 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!
Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s February 2014 Customer Survey:

  • Dr Brown spent a surprising amount of time with me explaining the complete cycle of options regarding both procedures discussed. This gave me tremendous confidence in the group as well as the decision I was about to make. Not found in other practices I have used.” 
  • “The best physicians that I have ever seen.” (Dr. Garcia)
  • Dr Ochoa is the best. Several of my neighbors are his patients and this opinion is unanimous.”
  • “After surgery, Kathy was exceptionally patient when I called and explained medications and necessary after surgery treatment. Dr. Viroslav was excellent pre-surgery explaining the procedure and was very nice and helped me be more relaxed.”
  • Dr. Tolin is amazing! He is patient, courteous, and thorough with his explanation of my situation…”
  • “I hope I do not have any more reasons to have orthopedic care, but if I do, I want to come to this practice.”
  • “Friendly staff….prompt and on time…no long waiting…THANK YOU!!!” (Dr. Connor)
  • “I will highly recommend Dr. Kaiser’s services to anyone!”
  • “I have worked in the medical field most of my life, and am a retired registered nurse. […] The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is one of the most highly organized and efficient offices I have ever encountered.”
  • “Very professional, explained treatment and plan of action I am very satisfied.” (Dr. Gonzalez)
  • “I am really pleased with Dr. Hibberd!!”
  • “[I liked] the attention to me the patient, scheduling the tests needed to determine my problem. Explaining surgery procedure and procedures following over the next 6 to 8 wks. I know exactly what to expect.” (Dr. Pace)
  • “Everyone is so friendly and so caring about my injury.” (Dr. Bell)
  • “[I liked] the knowledge and expertise of the Chiropractor. He is very thorough with his exam, adjustments, and follow-up activities. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” (Dr. Seidel)
  • “The PA that I saw was Duane Griffin and is a very good PA. I would recommend him to anyone.” (OrthoNow North Central)
  • “Great service, no wait time at all, very professional staff” (Dr. Marx)
  • “Yesterday I had my appointment with PA Soulas and could not have been more pleased with his bedside manners. He was tops and answered all my questions and took time to explain things to me.”
  • “Keep up the great work! Will definitely tell others about the level of care that I received and will recommend this office to others. I was so impressed that I made an appointment for another issue I have. Thanks to all.”
  • “All the Dr’s I have seen are TOP notch professionals. I have given many A references.”
  • “Would like to thank Dr. Brenman for his service regarding reoccurring back issue(s)”
  • “really liked the doctor, very helpful~” (Dr. Woodbury)
  • Dr. Balldin is wonderful. He has made the surgical process as clear and pleasant as possible.”
  • “Dr. Hennessy always makes me feel all will work out fine, and at my age of 92, that’s not an easy job!”
  • “I am very appreciative of the care Dr. Ursone and his staff have provided for me”
  • “The Doctors are easy to talk to, I don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, the staff is friendly and I have no complaints about the care I have received.” (Dr. Rowland)
  • “I am satisfied with my doctor’s attention. He called me back within a reasonable time when I called with questions” (Dr. Burkhart)
  • Dr Taber, Derek, and Patricia are very friendly and give me their complete attention”
  • “Everything is in one place and everyone is so friendly. Dr. Drukker did an excellent job.”
  • Dr Jacobs is quick and efficient and answers your questions. Plus, I did not have to sit hours waiting for him.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.



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