TSAOG Physical and Hand Therapy Wins 2014/2015 APEX Quality Award

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We are so happy to announce that TSAOG’s Physical and Hand Therapy has been named a 2014/2015 APEX Quality Award Winner! The APEX award recognizes outstanding patient satisfaction and overall quality of care.

According to SPH Analytics, “this national distinction recognizes outstanding healthcare organizations and care teams who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence in patient satisfaction and overall care in the 12-month evaluation period. Winners include ambulatory surgery centers, catheterization laboratories, diagnostic imaging centers, endoscopy centers, hospitals, pain management centers, physician practices, and therapy and rehabilitation centers. APEX Quality Award recipients use EdgePerception, an insightful patient satisfaction surveying and perception management solution and legacy product of Voyance which was acquired by SPH Analytics in 2014. Winners are determined based solely on patient feedback and evidence-based success. The APEX Quality Award has been adopted as one of the most prestigious awards throughout the healthcare industry, with only 104 facilities nationwide recognized this year.

Congratulations to our Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy teams for earning this distinguished award!

TSAOG Celebrates National Occupational Therapy Month 2015

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April is National Occupational Therapy Month, so we want to give a big shout out to our Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs)!

Dr. Paul Pace and his team put together these awesome thank you boards to allow patients to thank them for all that they do. According to Dr. Pace, “We work very closely with CHTs . As a surgeon, it is very valuable to have the therapist be an extra set of eyes on the patient during the healing process. They are an integral part of in the rehabilitation process and returning function to the most commonly injured part of the body. Hand Therapists are occupational therapists with additional training and certification in the treatment of upper extremity injuries. Their training makes them an integral part of treatment for these injuries. For some types of injuries, it is absolutely necessary that the patient receive therapy in order to have a good outcome following surgery. In these cases, the relationship built between the patient and therapist is just as important as the relationship between the patient and the physician. I personally work extremely closely with the hand therapist and value greatly the work that each therapist does to return the patient back to their normal activities following a hand injury.

Without further ado, meet our Hand Therapy Team!

Certified Hand Therapists - Orthopaedic Institute
Pamela Meyer and Valerie Vela

Certified Hand Therapists Mission Trail San Antonio
Susan Gerik

Certified Hand Therapists Stone Oak San Antonio
Tony Biasiolli

Jessica Ward

Certified Hand Therapy San Antonio Medical Center
Brant Rhodes

According to hand and wrist surgeon Dr. Stephen Drukker, “The best thing about our hand therapists is the partnership we have together.  Each of them is dedicated to the best outcomes for our patients.  We work as a team and speak regularly to plan and execute the best treatment for our patients.

Let’s give them all a BIG HAND! Hit the comments to share how a hand therapists has helped you!

Preventing Common Soccer Injuries (VIDEO)

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Sports medicine specialist and team physician for the San Antonio Scorpions Dr. Christian Balldin appeared on Great Day SA yesterday to discuss soccer safety and things players and parents can do to prevent common injuries. Watch the full interview below:

Video Courtesy Great Day SA~

Interest in soccer has been growing in the US in recent years. It’s a sport where you don’t need a lot of equipment to play, just a ball and some shin guards to protect your shin bones (tibias) from injury.

However, one of the most common injuries in soccer is not a contact injury at all, but an injury that occurs to the knee when pivoting or changing direction. These are called Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. Learn more about ACL injuries and how to prevent them.

In the video above, Stephanie Nino, lead physical therapist at TSAOG’s Medical Center office and team physical therapist for the San Antonio Scorpions, demonstrates exercises that you can perform to give your body better motion control for knee movements, which can reduce your risk of ACL tears and other knee injuries. 

Educating our community on how to prevent common injuries (as well as treating them when they occur) is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.

Train Like a Pro for the Rock N Roll Marathon

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This December, San Antonio will again host the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.  This year it is a full weekend of fun…everything from a 10k on Saturday, Dec 6th and a bike tour/5k/relay to a half marathon/half marathon/full marathon on Sunday, Dec 7th.  No matter your fitness level, the weekend should offer plenty of fun for everyone!  

Before you register for a specific event, here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • How long it takes to prepare for your race will depend on the length of the race and your level of experience.  If you are a new marathoner, you should be training at least 4-5 months prior to the event whereas a more experienced runner could be fine with 3-4 months of training. 
  • Join a local running group! There are plenty of running groups all around San Antonio. The more you surround yourself with others who have the same goal, the more likely you are to achieve that goal!  Strength is in numbers, and not only will running with buddies keep you safer, but you will find that you are more likely to stay motivated and compliant with the training.  
  • Some local running groups include We Run San Antonio, Solers Fit, iRun Training, SARR (San Antonio Road Runners), R+R Training
  • Run at least 3-4 days per week (your level of experience will determine the intensity of these runs)
  • Follow the 10% progression rule (increase your mileage by 10% weekly…doing more than that may result in injury)
  • Cross-train on your non-running days with low-impact exercise.  Not only will this allow your joints to have a break, but it will train different muscles that aren’t utilized as much during a run.  
  • Good examples of cross-training are yoga, pilates, weight training, elliptical, swimming, and biking.

Proper Training Gear:
  • Wicking clothing is a MUST!  Running clothes that take moisture away from the body will prevent blisters, excessive weight from wet material, and will allow proper regulation of body temperature.  Do not wear a cotton shirt on runs!
  • Non-cotton socks are very important!  Running socks should not contain any cotton.  Cotton is one of the main causes of blisters….and if you have ever had a huge blister after a long run, you know that you won’t want one again!
  • Make sure you are running in the correct running shoe. Don’t go for the “cute” shoe – make sure that you have been properly assessed for the type of running shoe that you need.  The main types of running shoes are neutral, stability, and motion-control.  Not all shoes are made the same!
  • Use a hydration system
  • Wear reflective gear and lights when running in the dark
  • Wear a visor and sports sunscreen when running in the sun

  • Consume low-glycemic food with 8-12 ounces of water 30 mins prior to your run
  • Drink water throughout a run with a rule of thumb of “drink to thirst.” You don’t want to over-hydrate or under-hydrate.  
  • Drink electrolytes after 30 mins of activity.
  • Carb replacement after 45-60 mins of activity (exs: UCAN/GU/Hammer Gels/Powerbar),
  • Consume recovery drink with protein within 30 mins of activity. 

Cheryl Obregon, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT is a physical therapist at The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group’s Westover Hills location. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy and specializes in the treatment of long-distance runners. Cheryl is a marathoner herself (PR 3:42 full/1:43 half) with multiple years of long-distance running experience. To schedule an appointment with Cheryl, please call 210.804.5564.

TSAOG Nominated for AthenaHealth’s 2014 Vision Award (VOTE NOW to Help Us Win)

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The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group (TSAOG) is one of three nominees for AthenaHealth’s Vision Award, which recognizes companies with a vision that helps “make healthcare work as it should.”

Check out our nomination video, courtesy of AthenaHealth:

Visit to vote for TSAOG (you don’t have to log in or create a password, just click vote!) now through 5pm Wednesday, April 30th to help us win! The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 1st.

Working to “make healthcare work as it should” is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – March 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it! Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s March 2014 Customer Survey:

  • Dr. Seidel very quickly diagnosed my issue. I have had many other Drs check on my back pain mainly the VA and they always thought it was an old issue. I was so happy to find that there was a real reason for the pain in the new area. Dr. Seidel quickly saw the issue and offered a solution. I appreciated that medication was not thrown at me to mask the symptoms. He wanted to handle the issue with a non medication treatment plan and that is ok with me. I am tired of pain meds. Way to go!! Dr. Seidel!!!!! You have a fan in me and a long time client. I am sure with my back issues I will be around for some time!!”
  • “I would recommend Dr. Connor. He is great.”
  • “We like Dr. Hibberd’s compassionate care. He visited my mother in the hospital every day and chatted with her. This really made a difference to her.”
  • “I am very pleased with how well Dr Valdez explained my treatment”
  • Dr. Drukker was very thorough and easy to understand when questions were asked.”
  • “Great concept of having multiple doctors, x-ray, physical therapy, surgery,… all in a single building and linked together as a single working unit. I love it. Every doctor that I have visited has been wonderful and provided me with great treatment.”
  • Dr Rowland is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Ephraim [Brenman] is the most attentive, caring and helpful physician I’ve ever seen.”
  • “The surgeon did everything he said he was going to do for me. Any time I had a question the nurses got to quickly with an answer. All of the staff is so friendly and really put you at ease.” (Dr. Marx)
  • “The PT staff was awesome! I was nervous the first time I went in, but was quickly welcomed and became relaxed. I looked forward to going to every PT appointment to help my knee get better. The hours I was able to make appointments was also very helpful and was able to miss very minimal work.”
  • “Well I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to come back to SAOG, but god forbid I get hurt again, they will be my first option for sure!”
  • Dr. Bell and his staff are very helpful and understanding.”
  • Dr. Gonzalez discovered that I had a sprained ankle and explained what I needed to do to make it better. Some people are worth the wait!”
  • Dr. Kaiser always takes time to answer questions and is always personable. He goes above and beyond.”
  • “I saw davis miller first at the urgent care he was very kind, caring and professional, I was impressed, he is very knowledgeable and his bedside manner wonderful. He was able to schedule me for my guided us injection the next day I was in a lot of pain. Then I met his wife theus tech letisha? she was also very sweet, professional and made me feel so comfortable. Dr Rahal was the one who did the procedure and he was also excellent, great bedside manner, and informed me every step of the way what he was doing, very genuine and knowledgeable. All in all this was a great experience in health care, and I am a pediatric nurse practitioner so I feel this kind of care is very hard to find, I was so relieved that I had such fabulous care of the highest quality. Thank You.” (OrthoNow Injury Clinic)
  • “I rarely fill out surveys but a visit to your office (Dr. Taber) was a pleasure – even though I was there because my hip is hurting. you seemed to lessen the pain by your pure sincerity :)”
  • Dr Hennessy was great. I felt like he listened to me. He was very professional and gave me several options for treatment.”
  • “I like Dr. Garcia and his staff. They are always responsive to any questions or needs my husband and I have. He and Luis Perez provide excellent care.”
  • “I just got my ACL repaired and I had the most easy going experience. I was very confident in Dr. Ursone.”
  • Dr. Viroslav agreed to see me after I had a knee replacement, He listened to me, he believed me and he corrected the problems from the first surgery (by another doctor).”
  • “I am making progress this first week and I am hoping for a full recovery. I am doing my hand exercises exactly as directed by Dr. Pace.”
  • “I did a lot of research on the hand doctor I would consult prior to making an appointment. Your practice seems well run and efficient.” (Dr. Woodbury)
  • Dr Brown was very kind, caring and polite to my daughter. The staff was extremely friendly and caring. We felt important even though there were a lot of other patients needing attention.”
  • “I would like to personally thank Dr. Balldin, his staff as well as all the staff in the Physical Therapy department for all their help in getting me back to my healed state.”
  • “I recommend this group whenever I have the opportunity and I have always received positive feedback when my referrals have seen physicians here.”
  • Dr. Burkhart is great! I arrived at the office suffering from long-term shoulder pain, which was relieved in two days by injections. In the past year, I have seen my internist, a rheumatologist and a pain relief specialist, and none have been able to help me. All have attributed the pain to fibromyalgia, and none have suggested x-raying my shoulders. One did refer me to Dr. Burkhart, though. Thank you, Dr. Burkhart!”
  • “No wasted time. In on time, seen immediately, and out of the office quickly. The most efficient process I have ever found.” (Dr. Jacobs)
  • Dr Ochoa is the best. Because of him a cancer was discovered at Stage 1 and completely removed.”
  • “I have always been treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Tolin treats patients like intelligent people that are able to participate in their treatment and recovery. He and every other member of the staff are very good at what they do and inspire great confidence.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.

TSAOG’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program Earns CARF Reaccreditation

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We are very pleased to announce that TSAOG’s Industrial Rehabilitation program has earned a 3-year CARF Accreditation for the fourth time and is now accredited through February 2017. According to the CARF International website, CARF Accreditation “assures the public of a provider’s commitment to continually enhance the quality of services and programs with a focus on the satisfaction of the persons served.” 

TSAOG’s Industrial Rehabilitation program is a specially designed rehab program for patients who have suffered a work-related accident and been unable to return to work following traditional physical therapy. Industrial Rehabilitation goes the extra mile, incorporating job-specific tasks and professional counseling (as necessary), to return an injured employee to a healthy and employable condition. If you think you might be a candidate for Industrial Rehabilitation or you’d like to learn more about our program, please call 210.396.5256.

Working to provide quality programs and improve patient outcomes is one more way TSAOG makes your health our mission.

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – January 2014

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!
Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s January 2014 Customer Survey:

  • Dr. Hibberd is kind, patient most importantly, trustworthy and treated me with respect. Thank you Dr. Hibberd.”
  • “I have high regard for my physicians. They have all been very professional and willing to answer questions. Most recently I have seen Dr. Gonzalez and he relates well to people as well as being exceptionally competent.”
  • “I really feel blessed for the care I received and the attention your physician staff game me. I will highly recommend your clinic. I am 150% pleased with my end result.” (Dr. Valdez)
  • “2nd time to have to use your services and even though I would rather not have an injury you make it much easier to deal with”
  • Dr. Ochoa is wonderful, but I was very impressed with how efficient the computerized information worked. By the time I walked from the room to reception area everything was already set up for my next visit!”
  • “You are always available. OrthoNow is fantastic as well!!!”
  • “I have every confidence in Alyssa and Dr. Pace. I feel confident and comfortable with any help I will receive from them now and in the future.”
  • “Dr. Hennessy rocks as my granddaughter would say — very professional and very kind and patient with me.”
  • Dr. Brenman is so nice and professional. He doesn’t waste time and listens to my concerns.”
  • Dr. Brown is impressive, managed his time and attention to my needs extremely well. Probably the BEST consult I have ever experienced.”
  • “I am in and out so fast I don’t have complaints” (Dr. Connor)
  • Dr. Bell is awesome. He was and has always been attentive to the needs of my mother’s care. I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic surgery!!!”
  • Dr. Ursone explained the MRI and after the surgery gave us an excellent layman’s explanation of the surgical repairs, the convalescence and the PT to follow. We are so happy that we chose your practice and that we were lucky enough to have Dr. Ursone as the surgeon.”
  • Dr. Kaiser was very nice, and I feel confident he will be able to address my knee problem”
  • “The staff were not only courteous but friendly. The physician re-assured me on each of my concerns and treated them as significant and important. The office environment was clean and relaxing. It allowed for personal space and privacy.” (Dr. Woodbury)
  • “I was impressed with the service from start to finish. I was especially surprised that [Dr. Marx] called me after the surgery to see how I was doing.”
  • “Best Docs, excellent medical care, easy access, short waits”
  • “Fantastic service, never a long wait time, sometimes NO wait time.” (Dr. Tolin)
  • Dr. Drukker’s manner was extremely comfortable and built confidence.”
  • Dr. Balldin has such a wonderful bedside manner. He listens. He explains. I have also been pleased with the workers in the physical therapy area at the Babcock location.”
  • “Great personnel. Doctor explained thoroughly what to expect” (Dr. Garcia)
  • “I think that Dr. Burkhart is the consummate medical professional”
  • “I would highly recommend this practice.”
  • “Awesome staff. Always polite and helpful.” (Dr. Rowland)
  • “The doctor is very thorough & makes excellent recommendations. He always addresses my concerns & I always leave with peace of mind.” (Dr. Viroslav)
  • Dr Jacobs is very thorough, courteous and polite”
  • “[Dr. Taber is] extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and personal warmth! He understands from an athlete’s perspective as well! And he has a great sense of humor providing a comfortable environment!”
  • Therapy staff are the greatest. i had twelve visits and each time the staff was courteous, friendly, helpful and attentive to my specific needs. i highly recommend them to everyone in need of physical therapy.”
  • “Totally pleasant—best in San Antonio”
  • “Excellent treatment of my 7 month old baby!!”
  • “We got in the same day with Mr Griffin (a most knowledgeable and empathetic health professional) who sent us for an MRI that same evening, confirming the next day that surgery would be necessary.” (OrthoNow North Central)
  • “Just finished #5 of 5 of Supartz. PA Davis Miller and his assistant Kessa (Turkessa) are second to none in patient care and communication.” (OrthoNow Central)

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.

Dr. Eloy Ochoa Demonstrates Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises (Video)

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Dr. Eloy Ochoa, Jr. and his Physician Assistant, Brandon DelBosque, demonstrate shoulder rehabilitation exercises. Visit Dr. Ochoa’s YouTube Channel for videos of each individual exercise.

A Message from Dr. Ochoa:

My patients often ask me for instructions on postoperative shoulder exercises.  Although the postoperative instructions are helpful, nothing beats visual aids.  Understanding your diagnosis can be stressful enough, much less digesting proper technique and timing of exercises.   Supervised physical therapy is a vital and necessary part of the recovery process, but it cannot substitute for a daily home exercise routine.  

It is my hope that this series of short videos will help explain the proper technique for both passive and active strengthening exercises of the shoulder.  This applies to the postoperative shoulder patient as well as to those who are being treated with non-operative self strengthening exercises after being seen in clinic.

This is not meant to be a definitive collection of shoulder exercises, but a safe starting point and reference for patients to use while at home.  I hope this will be the first volume in a series of many future editions/revisions as we collect feedback from home users and patients in the future.

Dr. Eloy Ochoa, Jr. is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He is fellowship trained in sports medicine and has a special interest in complex shoulder arthroscopy. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ochoa, please call 210.281.9595 or schedule online.


TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – November 2013

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!
Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s November 2013 Customer Survey:

  • “Phenomenal! I always feel that I am part of the family at the SA Orthopaedic Group!”
  • “Duane Griffin and his assistant were outstanding. Duane has a comforting and compassionate manner and put me very much at ease.” (OrthoNow Injury Clinic at North Central)
  • “The overall experience is great. The follow up is amazing. It is what every practice should work to provide to customer. I am completely happy with my experience and will refer everyone I can there. You treat people like people.”
  • Dr Kaiser is the most compassionate Dr I believe I have ever encountered. He is so very sweet and understanding.”
  • “Staff is professional and helpful. Physicians spend enough time to answer all my concerns and make me feel my problems are important.” (Dr. Hennessy)
  • Dr. Paul Pace and his two assistants are A++. Lydia and Diana are excellent assistants, and we certainly appreciate them very much.”
  • “The wait time is very short and everyone is always so kind, caring and professional.” (Dr. Gonzalez)
  • “I’m very pleased with your practice.” (Dr. Valdez)
  • “From day one, I have been impressed with the professionalism of the SA Ortho Team. Today I added a surgical team to that.”
  • Dr Marx and staff are exceptional. He was very clear in his findings. Made me feel like i was his only patient of the day.”
  • “I was very pleased with friendly & professional manner of Dr. Seidel and I look forward to working with him.”
  • “Very comfortable ambiance and very warm and friendly down-to-earth sincere staff and physicians that make the overall experience for everyone (even the other patients who are there to converse with) very pleasing.”
  • Dr. Brenman is a careful listener which is greatly appreciated. His suggestions have greatly helped with my pain levels.”
  • “Will always come here for any bone, or joint issues. You all are the best!”
  • “The staff were particularly helpful and pleasant which is always nice when you’re nervous. Dr. Connor was very approachable and I was very comfortable with him. My wait time was very little and the staff were extremely helpful with the forms.”
  • “The urgent care — no appointment needed!” (OrthoNow Injury Clinic)
  • “From my initial visit with Dr Tolin and the staff at the Sonterra office to the pre-op and post-op personnel (physicians, nurses, etc) at Concord, I send my thanks and only positive comments. Hugs all around…Great experience!”
  • “I am thankful Dr Woodbury was able to work with me around my busy work schedule.”
  • “So far, everything about this experience has been positive in every way and far exceeded my expectations. Every member of staff has been professional, helpful, and a credit to the medical field.”
  • “PA Davis Miller has exceptional patient communication skills. Very comfortable communication environment.” (OrthoNow Injury Clinic at Central)
  • “I was very pleased with everything and will recommend y’all to my family members.”
  • Dr Balldin was very helpful and totally concerned with my care.”
  • “Everyone is so helpful & kind – & it is conveniently located.” (Dr. Hibberd)
  • “Keep up the good work. I recommended your services to others.” (Dr. Brown)
  • “I have had both knees replaced and now going to start on my hips. I’m extremely satisfied”
  • “Very efficiently run, I was checked in and was seen by the doctor in a very timely manner.” (Dr. Viroslav)
  • “I feel that I have absolutely the best surgeon for my condition and Dr. Burkhart did a great job of repair on my shoulder.”
  • “I think Dr Bergfeld is wonderful- understanding, empathetic, and knowledgeable.”
  • “Everything very nice and I liked Dr Ochoa, he was very clear on explaining all the different treatment.”
  • Dr. Ursone. My husband and I recommend him to our family, friends and colleagues; they (7) are new patients of his. He is the Best! Takes his time explaining his diagnosis and prognosis. He is on time, his staff clearly respects and likes him. The facility is clean and orderly. Probably the best thing is Everyone smiles and says hello”
  • “Dr. Galindo was extremely professional and personable”
  • “So satisfied with Dr. Drukker’s attention and professionalism. Answered all my questions . He makes me feel comfortable when I go in for my appointments and to me that is very important.”
  • Dr Jacobs is the best! Great personality. Always on time!”
  • “Professional knowledge, courtesy, convenient to get to, staff knowledgeable of procedures, appointments always fit into my schedule.” (Dr. Garcia)
  • Dr. Bell and Sara were very sweet to my 9 year old son. I feel 100% confident in their care.”
  • “I will highly recommend Dr. Rowland
  • “The staff was courteous and professional. I have recommended Dr Taber to my friends and they were very happy with his services too.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.


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