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The following are reviews from actual patients of The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. They are taken from our monthly patient surveys and online testimonial submissions, as well as online review sites including Vitals and Angie’s List.

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Dr. Josh Bell did much more than a total knee replacement on my husband’s (Jimmy) right knee. He gave me my husband back and a quality of life that both of us will enjoy for years to come. Before the surgery, my husband’s knee was causing him to limp severely, and look much older than he was. It has only been 6 weeks since his surgery and he is doing amazing. He walks straight now and no limping. Please visit Dr. Bell if you are considering a knee replacement and I know you will be glad you did. Our only disappointment, that Jimmy did not have the surgery a lot sooner. God bless Dr. Bell for restoring Jimmy’s knee.” – TSAOG Testimonial Submission

No matter how busy the office may be, i do not feel like a number on a billing statement. You do not get the feeling that you are being rushed through a cold process. The staff has always been friendly and caring and treats each patient as an individual.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Stephen Burkhart is my orthopedic surgeon and he did a rotator cuff surgery for me. He is absolutely wonderful. I am better now than I was before. He is a very good surgeon, has very good bedside manners and I think he is supposed to be one of the best in Texas and even from Europe. If I had to redo the whole thing again he would be the only one I would choose.” – Angie’s List

Dr. Bell is awesome. He was and has always been attentive to the needs of my mother’s care. I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic surgery!!!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr Drukker and the entire TSAOG staff have been amazing. Dr Drukker fixed my distal radius fracture and I had no pain associated with the surgery. He also performed an EIP to EPL tendon transfer surgery after I ruptured my EPL tendon (known complication of wrist fractures and RA). He listens to his patients, answers questions, explains everything in detail before and after your procedure. I just have nothing negative to say about him, his staff and TSAOG! I’d send anyone I care about here for orthopedic treatment!” – Vitals

OrthoNow saved a trip to the emergency room. My treatment was completed in less than 2 hours including x-rays, consult, cast, and checkout. This is very impressive and I have shared my experience with family and friends.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Garcia performed a total knee replacement on my right leg. Before the surgery he took the time to explain to me what was to be done and what to expect. After the surgery, in the hospital, I had more contact with his PA, but he also is very thorough and patient and explained everything to me. Access to the office whether through telephone or their online portal is excellent. They always respond immediately. I am very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Garcia and the whole group.” – Angie’s List

Dr. Woodbury is outstanding. He is very attentive, very knowledgeable and his bedside manner is excellent. Probably the easiest doctor to talk to that I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot! He personally called me on a Sunday evening to follow up and see how I was doing after my hand surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a hand doctor. I wish there was five stars available for overall rating!” – Vitals

Dr. Seidel very quickly diagnosed my issue. I have had many other Drs check on my back pain mainly the VA and they always thought it was an old issue. I was so happy to find that there was a real reason for the pain in the new area. Dr. Seidel quickly saw the issue and offered a solution. I appreciated that medication was not thrown at me to mask the symptoms. He wanted to handle the issue with a non medication treatment plan and that is ok with me. I am tired of pain meds. Way to go!! Dr. Seidel!!!!! You have a fan in me and a long time client. I am sure with my back issues I will be around for some time!!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

I would recommend Dr Randall Marx to others with foot and ankle issues. I myself am very thankful for all Dr. Marx has done for me. He has given me a great deal of support through all the extensive surgeries I have received on both my ankles. His staff is also very organized and professional, I have never had any problems with anything pertaining to scheduling or call backs. I recommend anyone to go see Dr. Marx as well as all the physicians in The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group!!!” – Vitals

I have had many questions and concerns prior to my surgeries. I was apprehensive and waited a long time for knee replacement. [Several people I know] all recommended Dr. Valdez. When I met him I could tell he was patient, listened well, respected me as a person fully invested in the outcome of my procedure, took time to talk to me, even took my opinions from the first procedure into account for the second. What can you say? That kind of treatment makes a patient want to do their best to cooperate with treatment and healing guidelines. I love Dr. Valdez and all the staff.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Ursone did a knee replacement for my husband. He explains everything very thoroughly and he gave us options. His work was wonderful. He is very talented.” – Angie’s List

Dr. Taber and Derek are just wonderful. I was very nervous about knee replacement and they made sure I understood everything and they were very reassuring. Most clinics herd you in and out, but these guys make sure you are comfortable about the whole procedure before and after. Couldn’t ask for better care!!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

[Dr. Balldin] Treats each patient as if they are personal family members. He never rushes you and always is conservative before jumping to surgery. He was very easy to talk to and you can tell he is very knowledgeable on his research and newer methods..” – Vitals

Dr. Brenman is my hero! He’s been treating my pain issues for quite a while, now, and he’s always wonderful. I’ve recommended him to everyone I know who has chronic pain issues — simply the best doc in town.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

My son broke his left wrist in two different areas while at basketball. He broke the ulna and radius and had a negative 30 degree deviation. […] My son first saw Dr. Woodbury on Friday, April 25, 2014 Dr. Woodbury explained to us that my son would need to have surgery to fix the broken bones and to fix the negative deviation. He was scheduled for surgery on Monday, April 28. I was very scared that my son would not be the same and would end up with huge scars and not have a full range of motion. Well, after surgery, my son had a few follow up appointments where x-rays were done to see how the bones were healing. Dr. Woodbury is absolutely the BEST!!!!  He did an amazing job with my son’s wrist.  My son is left handed.  My son has great range of motion after only being 30 days post-op!  I couldn’t be more grateful to this doctor.  He is absolutely amazing!!!  I wanted to give him a huge hug and kiss in appreciation for such an outstanding job, but didn’t want him to think I was weird!  I would most definitely recommend him!!!  My son has 4 little marks that look like mosquito bites where the pins were.  I can’t say enough about this doctor!  If my kids were to ever need hand/wrist surgery, I would go back to Dr. Woodbury!” – Angie’s List

Dr. Frank Garcia was remarkable. He zeroed in on the problem, set up the appropriate tests and his grasp of my problem which will require surgery was thoroughly explained and several specialist were given to me right on the spot. I feel confident my problem can be successfully addressed.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Tolin has given me a new life. My total knee replacement went extremely smoothly. Dr. Tolin prepared me, answered all my questions, explained the procedure, reviewed the x-rays with us and made me comfortable and ready to have the surgery. His entire staff is a pleasure to deal with. His Associate M. Soulas is also so knowledgeable and caring it is a pleasure to visit their office. I have already recommended friends to see Dr. Tolin. Thanks go to Dr. Tolin for enabling me to live life with a new knee and no pain.” – Vitals

Dr. Rowland is a wonderful hand doctor, after surgery on both hands I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Marx is a highly trained, ultra competent surgeon!  One of the best facets of this experience is that he really gets pain management! […] I cannot think of a single reason you wouldn’t want to trust your foot to Dr. Marx, he’s a great guy who really cares about his patients!” – Angie’s List

Dr Ursone performed right knee replacement, I have an excellent surgical out come my knee feels 100% better. I have excellent range of motion. Office staff are courteous and responsive to calls.” – Vitals

After interviewing three surgeons for my total hip replacement, I had total confidence in Dr. V and his staff. At 51 and still very active I was wanting to go with an anterior approach. The time Dr. Viroslav spend with me on my initial consultation made me feel optimistic and excited to be able to walk without pain and get back to my physical activities. The care I received from his PA and his nurse were first rate. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with them and best off all I’m pain free and walking without a limp!”  – Vitals

Dr. Balldin has awesome bed side manners. He made my kids feel so comfortable and explained everything to them about their condition and everything to expect during the healing process. I will completely recommend him and the clinic to all the parents on my kids’ team.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

I had my other knee replaced 2 years ago by Dr. Tolin. He is an excellent surgeon, careful and thorough. The most important thing to do is to follow all post-op instructions so the surgery heals properly and you have a very functional knee. This has to be a commitment on the part of the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Tolin.” – Angie’s List

I have worked in the medical field most of my life, and am a retired registered nurse. […] The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is one of the most highly organized and efficient offices I have ever encountered.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr Taber has the best bedside manner that I’ve experienced with any doctor. He is exceptionally bright, caring, and understanding…and he’s an excellent surgeon. He operated on my knee, which had been operated on before with little relief. Now, it’s like normal again. I’d highly recommend him.” – Vitals

Dr. Brenman has helped me and given me hope and a new life. He cares about helping me and he does an outstanding job doing what he does best. Yall have a winner working for yall.”TSAOG Patient Survey

Scheduled surgery for apparent torn rotator cuff in February 2011. Surgery revealed that RC was completely separated, and bicep was around 50% torn. Arthroscopic surgery included prosthetic to bind cuff to bone. Recovery was nearly 6 months, didn’t require physical therapy as I was able to stay ahead of the curve with just working the joint with everyday activities under the Dr’s instructions. Dr. was very considerate of my need to reduce costs, and even reduced followup visits to a minimum.  I’d estimate that I’ve got back 90%+ use of the arm, without any of the previous pain.” (Dr. Ochoa) – Angie’s List

This is a great medical practice. One of the best I’ve seen. I truly thank and appreciate the doctors and staff for their care of my father.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Kaiser is a Super Star! In 2013 he replaced both of my knees, the left one in February and the right in April. He used skin glue instead on stiches or staples – that was totally awesome and increased my healing dramatically! I would do these surgeries again only if Dr. Kaiser was my surgeon. His staff is great and every one of them was caring, courteous and professional. Everything about this experience far exceeded my expectations; his PT staff (especially Mike) were incredible and helped me get back to work quickly. Thank you all!” – Vitals

All the staff were very friendly and took the time to put my 4 year old at ease!!! The nurses checked up on her as we left to make sure nothing did hurt like she said! Awesome service! Very prompt hardly any waiting time at all!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rowland for several years.  He is amazing!  He has been treating me for tennis elbow.  He has a quiet manner and does not rush the appointment at all.  He is very kind and listens to the patient.  He is awesome at giving cortisone shots…you won’t feel a thing.  Anyone who has a hand or elbow issue should see him.  I will forever go to him as I have complete confidence in his experience and training.” – Angie’s List

Had emergency surgery at Christus Santa Rosa and I could not have recd better care than what Doctor Hibberd gave me. He was caring, concerned and very professional. He is a man of few words but when he does speak it is in the utmost caring way. I will recommend Dr. Hibberd to anyone needing an orthopedic surgeon.” – Vitals

Dr. Viroslav agreed to see me after I had a knee replacement, He listened to me, he believed me and he corrected the problems from the first surgery (by another doctor).” – TSAOG Patient Survey

I fell on Tuesday, saw Dr Connor on Thursday and had my surgery on Friday. The staff was efficient and well organized. The Orthopedic Group has its own surgical suite and the surgery was performed there. I was placed in a cubical, medication were started in an IV, then Dr Connor came in and explained what he was going to do. The next thing I knew I was waking up. The staff once more took excellent care of me and got me into the car to go home. The break was extreme so there is an implant in my arm. I’ve had regular visits with Dr Connor, every two weeks, as we watch the healing progress. He is always kind, considerate and explains what in seeing on the X-rays. He always makes copies so I can take them home and show them to my caretakers. I experienced a secondary fracture below the implant. When Dr Connor saw it, he immediately put me back into the sling, but decided to wait two weeks to see if it would heal, or if I would need surgery. Two weeks later the fracture was less evident and he decided to watch it for another two weeks to be sure it was healing properly and wouldn’t need a pin. I was impressed that as a surgeon he did not go straight to that option, but elected to wait to see if it was necessary.” – Angie’s List

Dr Bell was very informative and attentive to my concerns and left me with a sense of reassurance. I went to him as a second opinion and the quality of my appointment was like night and day. It was that good!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

The whole San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is a very special group. Dr. Burkhart was my first encounter with this group. Every single member of his group is exceptional. Dr. Burkhart is a doctor known around the world and he has written several books on his specialty. He operated on both of my shoulders. Being a patient of his, you would never know of his fame and extreme expertise since his attitude would never indicate it. […] I am so very grateful to the attitude and care I have been accorded from Dr. Burkhart and his team.” – Vitals

I really like how Dr. Ochoa explained things to me. He remembered me from my last visit, I wasn’t just a new patient. His bedside manner was great. And he instilled confidence in me that I had a great doctor taking care of me.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Following a hip replacement in 2003 in Florida and four subsequent dislocations of the replacement hip, Dr. Kaiser performed a revision on the hip, researching and selecting the appropriate and best solution. Due to torn muscle, I had a rather long but uneventful recovery and feel blessed that Dr. Kaiser was my surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone with hip problems. He was most competent and conscientious and I credit him with my ability to walk normally again.” – Angie’s List

Dr. Seidel very quickly diagnosed my issue. I have had many other Drs check on my back pain mainly the VA and they always thought it was an old issue. I was so happy to find that there was a real reason for the pain in the new area. Dr. Seidel quickly saw the issue and offered a solution. I appreciated that medication was not thrown at me to mask the symptoms. He wanted to handle the issue with a non medication treatment plan and that is ok with me. I am tired of pain meds. Way to go!! Dr. Seidel!!!!! You have a fan in me and a long time client. I am sure with my back issues I will be around for some time!!” – TSAOG Patient Survey

Dr. Drukker has been my hand surgeon for over 15 years. He recently performed arthroplasty on my left thumb. His preop care, actual surgery, post op care, and total care plan were patient-friendly and designed to provide maximum pain relief and functionality. He always answers my questions in easy to understand language, and never makes you feel rushed. I value his expertise and professional manner.” – Vitals

My knees have been a continual source of pain and suffering since my retirement from the Army in the 1980’s. I used to run marathons so my knees were worn out. However, Dr. Connor’s treatment has given me several years of comfort without knee replacement surgery. One day that will come but for now we’ll enjoy the knees God gave me.” – Vitals

I have been with Dr. Hibberd from 2005 and from the start of our association have felt more safe and cared for than with any other physician.” – TSAOG Patient Survey

to Dr. Randall Marx and the SA Ortho Group staff: My brother Dave and I wanted to thank you for both your excellent care of our father on a horrific compound fracture ankle injury due to an elevator failure and for your assistance with issuing additional orders to the therapists clarifying progress on his healing and rehabilitation. We honestly are thrilled and somewhat surprised to see how well our dad is coming along a mere three months after his legs sustained such a severe impact, particularly given all his pre-existing medical issues and his 83 years. I know that, human nature being what it is, folks are always a lot quicker to grumble than to say “thanks”, and I want you to know how much we appreciate your work.” – Bruce W., TSAOG Testimonial Submission

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