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Pay Your

Payment on Accounts, Co-Payments, and Health Insurance

If you have your statement available, please make a payment online with QuickPay.

If you do not have your statement available and would like to make a payment on your account, please make a payment in your Patient Portal account.

If you would like to make a payment on your Surgery Center balance, please call 210-253-2670.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our patient financial counselor will work with you to provide information to best estimate your costs. We will request a pre-surgical deposit based on you co-insurance amount and/or unmet deductibles. The total cost of your surgery will involve multiple parties which will result in financial responsibilities that will not be inclusive of our services or estimates. These parties may include but are not limited to, hospital/facility services, anesthesiology, labs, durable medical equipment and imaging. A cost estimate which shows you your financial responsibility will be explained to you by the financial counselor and given to you for your records.

Our office does not participate in third-party billing. If you are insured by a contracted health plan, we will bill your carrier. In the event your carrier denies your claim, you will be responsible for payment to our office. If you are not insured by one of our contracted health plans, you will be considered self-pay. Please refer to our self-pay policies for further information. 

Returned checks and unpaid balances will be subject to a collection fee of $20.00. This amount will be added to your statement.

As a convenience to you, we offer our patients a secure way of viewing your account balance and making payments through our patient portal.

Many employers now offer flexible spending accounts and health care savings accounts where a patient can use these special accounts to pay for medical expenses. For these accounts or any other traditional credit card service, you may keep your card securely on file with our office to eliminate the hassle of receiving and handling statements from our office.

You set the maximum amount to be charged to this account and an effective period for authorization to use this card. You will receive a receipt for any charge amount to your card once the transaction has been executed. You may cancel this agreement at any time by contacting our office.