White Coats for Black Lives

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Every generation has been faced with challenges that then define history.  We are amid a movement that our children will ask what we did; how did we react to addressing the open wounds of racism and discrimination in our collective community?  This will be our defining moment.

At TSAOG Orthopaedics, we commit to:

  • Standing with our team and community to ensure that safety is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. 
  • Encouraging an environment that allows for constructive discussion of these important issues.
  • Taking decisive action when our organization is harmed by those who choose to be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Additionally, we should all commit to raising awareness and educating our families of systemic injustices and what steps are possible to remove barriers that cause inequalities among us. We hope that you will lead in the conversations around our dinner tables and dedicate yourselves to eradicate the stain of racism from the very fabric that makes our country great.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Given recent events, and on this day when George Floyd is laid to rest, TSAOG Orthopaedics will not be silent while our society continues to be eroded by racism and inequalities. We hope you will join us as we advocate for meaningful change so that ‘liberty and justice for all’ is the norm, and the human experience is the same for all people.

NOTE: We cannot provide medical advice or diagnoses without seeing a patient in person.

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