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Training properly for a marathon or half marathon

The San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon and Half Marathon is less than six weeks away. Are you ready for it? Experts say you need a good 6-to-9 months to properly train for a marathon and around 4-to-6 months for a half. But doctors say a lot of beginners cram for the race — and end up killing their bodies in the long run.

News 4 WOAI talked with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frank Garcia, about the injuries he sees from runners. “About a third of all injuries in marathon training occur around the knee,” he said.

He says marathon training takes a lot of time. You have to slowly and gradually build your distance and speed. If you rush it, Dr. Garcia says you’re going to get hurt.

Regardless of when you start to train, Dr. Garcia also says you have to make sure you’re running in the right shoe. 60%t of a shoe’s shock absorption is lost after 250 to 500 miles. So people who run up to 10 miles a week should consider replacing their shoes every nine to 12 months.

The Rock-n-Roll race is November 14th.

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