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Dr. Christian Balldin on WOAI Radio – Avoid Muscle Strain During Holiday Travel

TSAOG’s Dr. Christian Balldin was interviewed by Berit Mason with WOAI Radio on Tuesday, November 20th.

Don’t End up at Grandma’s House with a Muscle Strain

Believe it or not, traveling is tough on your muscles, which a lot of people will end up nursing along with a cocktail because they overpacked their luggage.

Experts say some 60,000 people end up at their doctors because of an accident related to lifting luggage.

San Antonio Orthopaedic Groups’ Christian Balldin, M.D., says he’s seen herniated discs from people lifting heavy suitcases.

“Try to pick a size luggage that fits you. If you are not too strong or developed, don’t get the biggest luggage because that would be too much for you.”

He recommends buying light luggage with wheels and once you’ve lifted the thing… keep it close to your body.

One big cause of the luggage injuries…more people are cramming everything into one bag to avoid those airline baggage fees.

“A simple muscle strain or even a herniated disc can result if you are not using proper lifting techniques,” which means using the legs to lift and not the lower back and no reaching straight down from the waist but bending your legs.

One safety tip is to pack several smaller bags and not just one huge one.

“So when you are dragging it downstairs it can become unpredictable and jerk which can cause an injury,” he warns. And if you lose hold of the thing, it may fly at some unsuspecting stranger.

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Dr. Christian Balldin is an orthopaedic surgeon, fellowship trained in sports medicine, with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group.  He treats patients aged 3 years and up for all orthopaedic conditions with the exception of the spine.  His special interests include arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacement. To schedule an appointment with D

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