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Dr. Christian Balldin on Victor Cruz’s Patellar Tendon Tear

The recent injury to Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants, will definitely keep him sidelined until next season. Cruz tore his patellar tendon in this weekend’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The patellar tendon is a bit of a misnomer as tendons connect muscle to bone and ligaments connect bone to bone. The patellar tendon actually connects the patella (aka kneecap) to the tibia (aka shin bone). It is vital to have an intact patellar tendon in order to be able to make and keep the leg straight. If you have no ability to control your leg extension, simple tasks such as walking are very difficult and sports are impossible.

Patellar tendon tears are treated with surgery to repair the torn tendon. Surgery consists of an incision over the patellar tendon and suturing the tendon together in a variety of ways depending on the tear pattern. Rehab is lengthy and usually takes about 9-12 months.

Patellar tendon tears generally occur in people below the age of 40 and quadriceps tendon tears generally occur in greater than 40 year olds. This is not always the case, but it is a common trend.

We wish Victor Cruz the best in his surgery, which undoubtedly will take place in the next couple of days, and in his rehab process to get ready for next year.

Dr. Christian Balldin is a board certified orthopedic surgeon, fellowship trained in sports medicine, at The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He treats patients aged 3 years and up for any sports-related injury and conditions of the hip, knee, and shoulder. His special interests include multiligamentous knee injuries and complex reconstruction of the knee. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Balldin, please call 210.281.9595.

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