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TSAOG Patient Survey Highlights – January 2015

When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it! Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s January 2015 Customer Survey:

  • “I would recommend Dr Woodbury to my friends!!!”
  • “I really appreciate that both my doctor (Dr. Viroslav) and PA (Gunter) took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me and answer my questions.”
  • “I am always confident that the care I receive is the best that I can get. I appreciate all services being in ONE building–doctor, x-ray, pt, etc.”
  • Dr. Valdez was able to pinpoint the area of pain and the injections he administered almost immediately relieved the pain I had been feeling for weeks!”
  • Dr Ursone was very helpful and friendly.”
  • Dr Tolin is a star performer as well as his PA Christopher Michael Soulas”
  • “Love Dr. Taber. He is now my Dr. of choice and will be from here out. Will highly recommend him to all of my friends/co-workers”
  • “I would recommend this facility to all my friends and family. It is hands-down the best facility I have ever visited.”
  • Dr Seidel is a wonderful caring professional. He makes sure his patients’ needs are addressed.”
  • Dr Rutstein, she is very kind & compassionate. Great & courteous staff.”
  • “The people that I dealt were very professional and courteous. I was very impressed with all aspects of my surgery experience.” (Dr. Rowland)
  • “The Doctor was very knowledgeable.” (Dr. Pace)
  • “I was a walk in from an Urgent Care Center and they were able to work me in with one of the doctors that was there that day.”
  • Dr. Ochoa was very good at explaining my injuries and answering my questions”
  • “Unbelievably efficient process, a well oiled machine – great job!” (Dr. Marx)
  • Dr. Kirk didn’t patronize me, I felt really comfortable.”
  • Dr. Bryan Kaiser is a very good Dr. and knows what he is doing. I place all my trust in him.”
  • “I always enjoy going to see Dr. Jacobs because I find him to be very responsive to patient’s needs.”
  • Dr. David Hughes. Dr. Hughes is attentive, listens to my concerns, explains everything clearly to me, always explains my options in detail. I have been seeing Dr. Hughes for years. His care has always been excellent!”
  • “The doctor provided the best treatment for my condition and also provided an explanation for the treatment.” (Dr. Hibberd)
  • DR. HARTZLER was exceptional in his communication & care”
  • “My physician and his staff are the best in their field. They are friendly and knowledgeable.” (Dr. Garcia)
  • “Very knowledgeable group. This is my second operation with the group and I would recommend you to others. I am impressed with Dr. Drukker. Thanks”
  • “I very much appreciate Dr. Connor and his candor. He has been open and factual in what I should expect from my surgery”
  • “Overall very satisified. Already recommended Dr. Burkhart to a couple of my friends at work.”
  • Dr Brown is one outstanding surgeon! Straight forward, honest, but compassionate. Allison Rice…. what can I say but I just love her too!”
  • Dr Brenman explains everything and answers ALL my questions.”
  • Dr. Bell was great, and the staff was as well. Worked me in, took great care of me. Thanks!”
  • “A very good experience Dr Balldin is outstanding.”
  • “I have recommended your group numerous times to friends and relatives.”
  • “Everyone I had contact with seemed to genuinely care about my injury and providing best possible service.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month! You can also choose to submit a testimonial online anytime!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.

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