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Happy Retirement, Dr. Burkhart!

Happy Retirement, Dr. Burkhart!

Dr. Stephen S. Burkhart – shoulder specialist and long time member of TSAOG – will be retiring from private practice, effective January 31st, 2020.

Current patients of Dr. Burkhart will have the option of transferring their care to another TSAOG physician or any other physician of their choice. If you are a current patient with Dr. Burkhart and have any questions about your medical records or continued care, please contact our main office at (210) 804-5400.

Dr. Burkhart joined TSAOG in 1981 and has served as an important leader in our practice for 38 years. According to TSAOG CEO Sani Mirza, “Dr. Burkhart has led TSAOG Orthopaedics as he has lived his life – with humility, decency, and honesty. His leadership is the reason this organization has grown from six physicians to over forty and continues to attract the very best. His legacy is not only this Group, but all it represents: unequalled patient care, innovation, compassion, and integrity.

I am honored to call Steve Burkhart my friend and, while I wish him well in retirement, I hope he visits us often to ensure we continue to be the type of practice that he built and would be proud to call home.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Burkhart on an incredible career which has benefited so many people around the world. We will all miss him very much. Happy retirement, Dr. Burkhart!

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