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TSAOG’s Dr. Dustin B. Rinehart, M.D. Makes TV Appearance on KSAT 12’s SA Live

San Antonio, TX: TSAOG, a leading orthopedic care practice, is pleased to announce the successful TV appearance of Dr. Dustin B. Rinehart, M.D. on KSAT 12’s SA Live on September 18, 2023.

Dr. Dustin B. Rinehart, M.D. is a new and welcomed addition to the TSAOG team. Dr. Rinehart is a board-eligible orthopedic surgeon and is fellowship-trained in joint replacement. He treats patients aged 18 years of age and older.

During Dr. Rinehart’s appearance on SA Live, he discussed hip arthritis as well as the surgical and non-surgical treatment options that TSAOG offers. Hip arthritis occurs when the cartilage, or padding, has been worn out, leaving the ball and socket joint in a bone-on-bone state. Dr. Rinehart offered valuable tips on when to seek medical attention for those possibly experiencing hip arthritis. According to Dr. Rinehart, the causes of hip arthritis can vary, such as an underlying diagnosis, a previous injury, or simply wearing out the cartilage over time. Treatment options for hip arthritis begin with non-surgical methods such as applying heat or ice, activity modification, or topical anti-inflammatories and medications. For those requiring orthopedic surgery, most knee and hip replacement procedures have patients up and walking the same day.

Existing and potential patients of Dr. Rinehart are invited to watch the feature on SA Live to learn more about TSAOG’s approach to treating hip arthritis.

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