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TSAOG Orthopaedics & Spine
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TSAOG Orthopaedics & Spine Begins Partnership With Alamo City All-Stars

TSAOG is now the primary healthcare provider for the All-Stars.

San Antonio, TX: TSAOG, a leading orthopedic care practice, is excited to announce their new partnership with the Alamo City All-Stars, a professional men’s basketball team that plays in the American Basketball Association (ABA) League.

Whether recreational, competitive, or professional, TSAOG Orthopaedics & Spine provides care for all levels of athletics. The sports medicine physicians at the Sports Institute at TSAOG Orthopaedics & Spine are board-certified orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine primary care providers who have completed additional specialty training in the comprehensive medical and surgical care of sports-related injuries and conditions. Their passion for returning athletes at any level to the activities they love is yet another reason why TSAOG is the athlete’s choice. TSAOG Orthopaedic & Spine physicians bring their expertise to many local high schools, colleges, and professional teams like the All-Stars

Formerly known as the Tri-City All-Stars, the Alamo City All-Stars changed their name to reflect the specific market area they represent within San Antonio. Since their inaugural season in the fall of 2018, the All-Stars have believed in providing a good, family-friendly, affordable sporting experience. Their goal for each game is to involve community members in several different roles, allowing organizations and individuals to showcase their abilities before and during the game.

The ABA was founded in 1999 and has worked in harmonious partnership with the NBA since 2000. Today, the ABA has grown into the largest professional sports league in the world.

TSAO Orthopaedics & Spine is pleased to partner with the Alamo City All-Stars, providing high-quality care to their professional athletes.

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