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TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – January 2013

When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!

Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s January 2013 Customer Survey:

  • “This is my second back surgery and I have to say that Dr. Hennessy has given me 100% of life back. I am in the health field myself and will recommend to all my friend, family and patients to him.”
  • “My daughter was impressed that the x-ray machine moved to get the right angle of her foot for the x-ray instead of her having to position her foot which has been painful for her to do.”
  • “I appreciate the time the physician spent explaining my injury and treatment options. I wish all doctors were this thorough.” (Dr. Balldin)
  • “It’s a very highly professional and well-run organization. From stem to stern.”
  • “Professional, courteous, efficient staff. Dr Brown [was] very knowledgeable and extremely clear and articulate”
  • “One stop shop. All necessary services are either available or coordinated by TSAOG staff.”
  • “Thank you to Dr Burkhart for caring for me, he fixed my frozen shoulder after just 1 visit, I am lucky to have access to such great medical care”
  • “The gentleman who performed my x-rays was OUTSTANDING.”
  • “On my first follow up visit Dr Connor took the time to review photos of the surgery with me and (in laymans terms) gave a brief explanation as to what took place. This gave me a better understanding of why and how these surgically repaired areas should not be stressed during the convalescence period and pending re-hab. This was appreciated.”
  • “I will recommend the office to all my family and friends.”
  • “Dr.Drukker took care of my problem with my first visit.”
  • “Michael removed my stitches today and he was professional, personable and more than tolerant of my squeamishness. The hospitality and courteousness of all the staff continues to impress.”
  • “Dr. Galindo was great. He soothed my fears and answered all questions.”
  • “I am very pleased to be under the care of Dr. David Gonzalez. I never feel I am being rushed and I always feel he gives me his full attention and genuinely shows concern. For this I am very grateful and have recommended him to others.”
  • “Big nice waiting room, great x-ray techs. Dr Hibberd takes time to explain the x-rays[…]and answers any questions we have”
  • “Dr. Jacobs and his staff are the best!”
  • “CARE. FRIENDLINESS. STAFF. DOCTORSI want to say this. I want you to make sure everyone in the office knows this, because it is very important that they know what your patients truly feel about their workplace and the type of environment they provide. EVERYTHING! I LIKE EVERYTHING. Keep doing what you are doing! From the front desk, to the X-Ray Techs, to the people taking vitals, and finally the Nurse. Keep caring! People will come back, but most importantly, they will let their friends know. I know because right now, I have been a walking billboard for your group. Why, because all of the above.”
  • Dr. Kaiser, as usual, was very efficient and caring.”
  • “I want to say how much I have enjoyed going to the facility. The surgical team and nurses were so sweet and kind, Pamela Meyer OT is totally awesome and compassionate. Dr. Pace is so sweet and informative on what has been done with my hand. I also appreciate his staff as well. I’ve never felt so well cared for by any other place I’ve gone. Everyone I’ve come in contact with seemed to genuinely care.”
  • “Everyone was friendly and helpful. Everything was also very clean and organized.”
  • “I am extremely satisfied with the care I received. Dr. Rowland took his time with me, was very thorough, and presented options.”
  • “I feel very comfortable with Dr. Tolin & his PA. I love him!”
  • “This is an amazing staff & doctor. My mother is a 2x stroke survivor so change is difficult and she is generally uncomfortable with male doctors. I think she has been a patient for almost 3 yrs now and we continue to get excellent service from the staff & Dr. V” (Dr. Viroslav)
  • “[I liked] the knowledge and attitude of my doctor Ochoa. He explains clearly and in terms a lay person can understand. Provides options and then discusses recommendations with pros and cons”
  • “You guys really listened to me and my concerns both physical and financial. I got fantastic care here. I feel like the staff is just as invested in my healing as I am.”
  • “Thank you Dr. Taber I feel so much better and will always be indebted to you for treating my problem and resolving it without the run around I went through before I found you. Plus Patricia your assistant for scheduling was so knowledgeable and very good. I hope I never need your assistance again but I feel assured. If I do I have the very best there is available.”
  • “I actually registered on line and asked that an appointment be set[…]they called immediately after I filled out information at the Patient Portal
  • Dr. Ursone is by far the most friendly and professional physician I have ever dealt with. He was very understanding and caring when it came to my various questions and concerns dealing with my injury.”
  • “Called on a Monday and was able to see the doctor on Tuesday.”
  • “I have NEVER been to a doctor’s office where ALL staff members (ladies at the front desk and the x-ray technicians) were helpful, friendly, and personal.”
  • “Advice was clear and concise.” (Dr. Bell)
  • “Love the online document process as I hate to complete all the paperwork as I’m waiting to be seen.”
  • “The staff and Dr. Brenman were so nice and helpful. I was very pleased that Dr. Brenman could work me in so quickly so my entire experience was very positive.”
  • “I have had two knee replacements by Brad Tolin and foot surgery by Randall Marx and have been completely satisfied with both.”
  • “Everyone was great! I really like Dr. Woodbury, he was very kind and straight forward. I like that in a doctor, no beating around the bush. He and his staff made my CTR surgery as pleasant as possible. I would recommend your practice to any one!”
  • “All the staff were very friendly and took the time to put my 4 year old at ease!!! The nurses checked up on her as we left to make sure nothing did hurt like she said! Awesome service! Very prompt hardly any waiting time at all!”
  • “ALL of the staff is friendly, helpful and professional. I have not been able to find this type of atmosphere at any other doctor’s office in the San Antonio area.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month!

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