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PA Week

TSAOG Celebrates National PA Week

This week is National PA Week, which increases awareness of the PA profession.  TSAOG would like to send a shout out to say thank you all of our wonderful Physician Assistants!

Hailey A. Casebolt

P.A. to Dr. Stephen S. Burkhart
TSAOG Celebrates National PA Week
Brandon DelBosque

P.A. to Dr. Eloy Ochoa, Jr.
 TSAOG Celebrates National PA Week
Duane GriffinP.A. for OrthoNow Urgent Injury Clinic
at Stone Oak
Karen Gunter

P.A. to Dr. Sergio Viroslav
Derek Harper

P.A. to Dr. Casey D. Taber
Davis MillerP.A. for OrthoNow Urgent Injury Clinic
at the Orthopaedic Institute
Alyssa Nelson

P.A. to Dr. Paul D. Pace
 TSAOG Celebrates National PA Week
Thomas Nohe

P.A. to Dr. S. Josh Bell
Luis D. Perez

P.A. to Dr. Frank J. Garcia
C. Michael Soulas

P.A. to Dr. Philip M. Jacobs
and Dr. Brad S. Tolin
To learn more about National PA Week, click here.

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