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TSAOG Orthopaedics & Spine

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – September 2013

When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!
Please enjoy some of the highlights from TSAOG’s September 2013 Customer Survey:

  • “Dr. Brown is so personable and I never felt he was in a hurry to move on to the patient. He always makes you feel that you are his only patient.”
  • “Dr. Burkhart is spectacular and provided me with incredible care”
  • “This is what a medical practice experience should be like”
  • Dr. Connor, wonderful doctor.”
  • “Helpful, pleasant staff and physician” (Dr. Drukker)
  • “Dr. Gonzalez was prior service and understood what I was going through with the VA.”
  • “The office is very spacious, relaxed and professional. I was taken care of in a very timely manner, even though I was running late. I was very satisfied with my first visit to this Dr. I felt very welcomed.” (Dr. Hibberd)
  • “No need for suggestion. Everyone always professional, and on the move !!”
  • “Always Great!” (Dr. Jacobs)
  • “Everyone is always professional, courteous, and friendly. Don’t change anything!!”
  • Dr. Bryan W. Kaiser always make me feel better. All my pain in my knees is gone when I leave his office.”
  • “The SAOG has the most qualified and experienced doctors and staff. I recommend them to my family and friends.”
  • “Wait time was unbelievably fast. I did not wait over two minutes before I was promptly escorted to see Dr. Pace”
  • “I appreciated Dr. Rowland’s attention and care. Everyone on the staff was kind.”
  • “Dr. Tolin has always given me wonderful care along with his staff. I believe Dr Tolin considers my treatment options carefully, listens to my concerns and presents me with the pros and cons of all treatment . I am pleased to call him my doctor, because of his compassion as well as his medical knowledge. A wonderful physician.”
  • “Professional and expert” (Dr. Viroslav)
  • “Friendly staff and they appear to enjoy their jobs which really shows.”
  • Brandon DelBosque answered everything i wanted to know and seemed to enjoy teaching about the injury.”
  • “As a person constantly involved in sports I am looking forward to recovering with your practice. I feel confident about getting back to rugby and crossfit.” (Dr. Ochoa)
  • “The physician was very attentive and not once did I feel he had to hurry to another patient. He was informative and very professional and courteous” (Dr. Taber)
  • Dr. Ursone is awesome!”
  • “Everyone is very professional, friendly and polite, making me feel confident that I have received the very best in care.”
  • “Cast care specialist- Anthony Rodriguez went above and beyond when it came to casting time. I was very nervous and in a lot of pain due to a broken wrist. It was my first time having a cast put on, but Mr. Rodriguez made me feel comfortable and at ease. I was impressed!! I really couldn’t believe how much a cast could stabilize pain. Wow. Thumbs up to Anthony!!!”
  • “Overall, I really like Dr. Bell and feel I’m fortunate to have had him repair my shoulder and biceps tendon.”
  • Dr. Brenman promptly diagnosed my long-time problem after x-rays and MRI, then gave me a spinal injection on the return visit, yesterday.Today, I got out of bed feeling better than I have in 4 months. My physical therapy starts next week.Thank you, Dr. Brenman.”
  • “There’s nothing I don’t like about SAOG.”
  • “Everyone I have come in contact with has been friendly and efficient. I am very impressed with my doctor. I spent several months under the care of another physician, who gave me no hope. Dr Marx has given me a solution so I am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. After spending 25 yrs as an RN, I have never seen anyone more skilled in casting [than] Larry. I am so pleased with the care given to me!”
  • Physical therapy was done at the Babcock location by Jessica Ward . . . she was amazing!”
  • “The entire staff is great. Everyone is friendly and always laughing and joking with me. This puts me at ease if I’m nervous or in pain.”
  • “I had such a good experience I have already recommended the doctor (C. Woodbury) to a friend and she has booked an appointment. I really appreciated the time and patience of the entire staff and I was made to feel like a person not a number”
  • “Trust me, I’ve had three surgeries and there is nothing I don’t like about TSAOG”
  • “I would like to thank the staff and Dr. Hennessy for taking me in after I showed up late to my appointment due to road closures. Everyone at san antonio orthopedic group was professional and nice, definitely will recommend to others!”
  • CT staff were great- explained procedure at my level and careful while positioning in scanner.”
  • “Dr Bergfeld was courteous, spoke concisely and examined in gentle manner.”
  • “I have had Dr. Balldin for 2 surgeries and he does an incredible job. Top notch!”
  • Dr. Seidel’s staff were very considerate and professional.”
  • “My visit should be the benchmark of medical care.”

We encourage you to review and rate your experience with TSAOG.  The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month!

Please note: Spelling and punctuation errors may have been corrected for readability.

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