Ephraim K. Brenman, DO – ROC Location Review

Dr Brenman’s staff is beyond compare! I don’t know how much they are paid – but it is not enough. Dr. Brenman is, of course, the best pain doc in the country! Thank You all for the tremendous care you provided me! Cheers! 

Ephraim Brenman, D.O. – Non-Surgical Back & Neck Pain Review

Dr. Brennan is very knowledgeable and has a very good bedside manner. I am in the middle of a procedure that is in multiple stages. Although I do not have total pain relief I do have some and the next procedure will give me more pain relief. I totally recommend Dr. Brenman for your total pain relief.

Ephraim K. Brenman, DO – Quarry Office Review

Dr. Brenman is a 10 star in my book. He listens, is very professional but never stiff & starchy, compassionate and kind and always tries to find things that will help you to feel better. If he prescribes a medicine and the insurance won’t help with- he is right there to find something else you can afford. His staff, especially LaCoy, will go out of there way to help with getting a med preapproved with insurance approval when you are having a hard time or will just make you feel good by following up on you when you have been in hurting so bad. I think Dr. Brenman‘s office is what a doctor should be all about. Not like a doctor I went to recently who let me know they couldn’t help me but with one thing that day because my 15 minutes was up so I would have to make another appointment to discuss anything else. Thank you Dr. Brenman for being you!

Ephraim Brenman, D.O. – Non-Surgical Back & Neck Pain Review

Dr. Brenman gets directly to the problem and explains everything to the patient in a way we can understand.

Ephraim K. Brenman, D.O., R.M.S.K. – Pain Management

Dr. Brenmann is very helpful in controlling my pain and is quick with treatment.