Dr. Christian Balldin on Separated Shoulder

Injuries to the shoulder are common.  Injury of the Acromio-Clavicular (AC) joint (where the shoulder blade meets the collarbone) usually involves a fall directly onto the shoulder.  The common term for this type of injury is a “separated shoulder.”

TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – March 2013

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Dr. Christian Balldin on Kevin Ware’s Horrific Leg Injury

The injury that Louisville’s Kevin Ware sustained is a gruesome one to watch.  An open tibia fracture is something that is much more common in higher energy type mechanisms such as motor vehicle collisions.  The fact that he sustained this injury simply from landing on his leg with some twisting makes me think that he almost certainly had a stress fracture in that area.  When he landed on that leg, his tibia was simply unable to withstand the forces due to the already weakened area and he completed the fracture.  Due to the twisting and force of the landing the bone, unfortunately, came through the skin thus coming in contact with the outside world.  This makes the situation worse not just because of its gruesome appearance but because of the now much higher chance for infection and potential for additional problems.