TSAOG Bids Farewell to Dr. David Schroder

Unfortunately, TSAOG must bid a fond farewell to joint replacement specialist Dr. David T. Schroder.  Dr. Schroder joined our practice last year and has been a welcome addition, but he has recently decided to relocate his practice to Baltimore, MD to be closer to family.  His last day with TSAOG will be Friday, August 30th.

According to Dr. Schroder, “I cannot thank my patients enough for their trust and confidence in me! Additionally, I have been proud to have been a part of the TSAOG team led by gifted orthopaedic surgeons.

Current patients of Dr. Schroder will have the option of transferring their care to another TSAOG physician or any other physician of their choice.  In a letter to his patients, Dr Schroder said, “I am thankful for the confidence you have placed in me and I want to assure you that the other surgeons of this Group are equally qualified and motivated to provide you the same level of care you have come to expect from me.  In preparation for my departure, my partners have made adjustments to their schedules to accommodate your needs.  Simply put, I trust my partners enough to have my family see them for care.

If you are a current patient with Dr. Schroder and have any questions about your medical records or continued care, please call our main office at (210) 804-5400.

Dr. Schroder will be missed and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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