Justin Robbins, M.D.- Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Surgeon Reviews

Dr. Robbins was super helpful and encouraging! Lots of reassurance throughout my recovery and super consistent. Definitely recommend

Justin Robbins, M.D.- Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg Surgeon Review

Very friendly and efficient staff. Dr. Robbins seems to sincerely care for his patients and their well-being.

Justin Robbins, MD Review

Dr. Robbins and his staff have been so kind to me. The Dr’s care is great and he’s put me at ease while I freaked out about my injured foot. I would recommend him to anyone.

Kevin L. Kirk, DO – Patient Review

This was my 1st visit with Dr Kirk and it was a pleasure meeting him. He took the time to explain my injury. He was patient and answered all my questions straightforwardly. I will be returning to his office for my foot surgery.

Kevin Kirk, D.O. – Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Surgeon Revieew

Dr. Kirk is a orthopedic surgeon! He explained my foot surgery in detail, and answered all my questions. His office staff was always competent and courteous! I highly recommend Dr. Kirk for your orthopedic needs!

Kevin L. Kirk, DO – Westover Hills Review

After I turn my foot up from a motorcycle accident doing 80 MPH I thought I would never walk again Dr Kirk fixed my foot and I am back to walking again He did a great job. Thank you.