Kevin L. Kirk, DO – Patient Review

This was my 1st visit with Dr Kirk and it was a pleasure meeting him. He took the time to explain my injury. He was patient and answered all my questions straightforwardly. I will be returning to his office for my foot surgery.

Kevin Kirk, D.O. – Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Surgeon Revieew

Dr. Kirk is a orthopedic surgeon! He explained my foot surgery in detail, and answered all my questions. His office staff was always competent and courteous! I highly recommend Dr. Kirk for your orthopedic needs!

Kevin L. Kirk, DO – Westover Hills Review

After I turn my foot up from a motorcycle accident doing 80 MPH I thought I would never walk again Dr Kirk fixed my foot and I am back to walking again He did a great job. Thank you.

Kevin Kirk, D.O. – Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Surgeon Review

Dr Kirk was great! First time visit for me. He took the time to listen to my concerns and make recommendations to help improve my issues. I highly recommend this office.

Kevin L. Kirk, D.O., F.A.O.A. – Foot, Ankle, Lower Leg, and Knee

Dr. Kirk always has time to explain his procedure and even draws a sketch of what he has done. He is very understanding of your needs.