Prabhdeep K. Grewal, MD – Quarry Area Review

My appt with Dr. Grewal is something I look forward to. She is kind, compassionate and always knowledgeable about me and offers everything she knows to assist me. She is a treasure to the medical community. If only all physicians were like her the world would be a better place.

Prabhdeep K. Grewal, MD – Brooks City Base Review

Dr. Grewal is the kindest Dr. I have ever encountered! She has saved me countless money by telling me to use GoodRX. Also was very instrumental in setting me up with a Tens unit that has made my life more bearable! I hope she never retires while I’m alive!

Prabhdeep Grewal, M.D. – Interventional Pain Physician Review

Dr. Grewal has always been very patient, and makes sure you understand all of your options. She will not just leave you hanging. Good on follow through!

Prabhdeep K. Grewal, MD – Medical Center Reviews

Dr. Grewal listened to my concerns attentively and showed concern about how RA has affected my spine, She promptly scheduled me at the Bone Clinic and for a follow-up with the surgeon who operated on me. She thinks on her feet, Because of that, I am confident I will stand on my own feet

Prabhdeep K. Grewal, M.D. – Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology

Dr. Grewal is very friendly, explained procedures very well, and made my visits quick and easy.