Bryan W. Kaiser, MD – Ridgewood Office Review

Dr. Kaiser is an amazing Orthopedic surgeon. I’m truly grateful to Dr. Kaiser for my successful hip replacement surgery. Should you ever need an orthopedic surgeon I highly recommend Dr. Kaiser.

Bryan Kaiser, M.D. – Joint Replacement Surgeon Review

I’m a trail runner, a label I like. Over the last 5 years running has become more painful as osteoarthritis has progressed from discomfort to extreme pain. Dr. Kaiser understands and is compassionate and tolerant of my need to run. He provides alternatives that keep me on the trail for just a little longer. And yes I have been to other Orthopaedic who possess one solution. Thank you Dr. Kaiser for listening, caring and encouraging me to live my life.

Bryan W. Kaiser, MD – Ridgewood Office Review

Thank you to Dr Bryan Kaiser for my first knee replacement! Dr. Kaiser and his staff took such good care of me throughout the procedure in spite of a pandemic and in spite of a never seen before Texas Freeze. I am now looking forward to my second knee replacement in August. I know they will all take good care of me again!

Bryan W. Kaiser, MD – Ridgewood Location Reviews

Dr. Bryan Kaiser and his staff are excellent. Best experience ever. I had a total knee replacement for both knees. I no longer have pain from walking. I totally recommend this doc and am amazed at how smoothly this surgery went. After 3 months l am relatively pain-free.

Bryan W. Kaiser, M.D. – Joint Replacement

Dr. Kaiser is very professional and a very knowledgeable surgeon.