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Dr. Brenman on News Radio 1200 WOAI

A cool Justin Beiber backpack may be just the thing for a kid in the “in” crowd. But that seemingly innocent backpack, loaded with books, can cause serious harm.

Dr. Ephriam Brenman, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with the San Antonio Orthopaedic Group, the region’s leading orthopaedic practice, says the backpack could be damaging those little muscles and bones.

“So unfortunately, these kids are having severe symptoms especially with neck, shoulders and lower back to the point where they don’t even want to go to school,” Dr. Brenman said.

He says these backpacks are not designed to carry heavy loads like lots of books and are not designed with a young back in mind.

“They are not meant to carry all of that weight and they are not dynamically able to be supportive of a middle school or high schoolers’ lower back.”

Brenman says get a proper hiking backpack meant for heavy loads or a small rolling suitcase when shopping this tax free weekend.

“It’s a larger, true backpack that is used for hiking and camping; it’s actually has multiple compartments, evenly distributes the weight of the books and goes over both shoulders.”

Kids today don’t often have time to dump books at their locker … and often carry them around all day, and Dr. Brenman warns that could be doing some serious and potentially permanent damage to their backs.

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