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Youth football player

Dr. Christian Balldin Weighs in on the Friday Night Tykes Phenomenon

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the debut of Friday Night Tykes, a documentary series about competitive youth football in Texas, TSAOG orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. B. Christian Balldin submitted an opinion paper to the San Antonio Express-News about embracing the benefits of youth sports while taking care to minimize the risk for injury.

According to Dr. Balldin, “what we need is to ensure that all parties involved in contact sports — and especially youth football — understand the importance of not allowing these kids to be put at undue risk due to poor education regarding proper ways to tackle.

Dr. Balldin’s Op-Ed was published in the Express-News last Friday. Read the whole thing here:


Dr. B. Christian Balldin is an orthopaedic surgeon, fellowship trained in sports medicine, with The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group. He treats all sports-related injuries for patients aged 3 years and older. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Balldin, please call 210.281.9595 or schedule online.

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