TSAOG Customer Survey Highlights – November 2012

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When our patients have something nice to say about us, we like to brag about it!

Please enjoy some of the highlights from our November Customer Survey:

  • Dr. Bergfeld was amazing. I really loved her caring nature and how she empathized with my pain.”

  • “The facility was great, the staff was great and the Dr. was great. One of the best Dr. visits I’ve ever had.” (Dr. Balldin)

  • “The doctor was very thorough and kind” (Dr. Hennessy)

  • “I have already referred Dr. Brown and Dr. Connor to friends and family.”

  • Dr Burkhart and his staff are extremely professional and thoughtful about treatment plans. I trust his opinion and advice. His staff is always very polite and caring. They know who we are and are very personable.”

  • “I never saw a frown on anyone’s face and the physician was calling patients into rooms when his staff was busy. I love this practice and being a nurse myself I’ve seen it all. Thank you for the care you provide.” (Dr. Drukker)

  • Dr. Galindo gave me his complete attention, answered questions, and I did not feel rushed in any way. Also, my wait time in the waiting room was very brief as well as in the patient room. I am very satisfied with my visit.”

  • “Very down to earth pleasant and professional all questions answered I have been very impressed by Dr. Garcia

  • “[I liked] the convenience of having the physician’s offices, therapy services and MRI facility all in one building just minutes from my job.”

  • “Pleasant and efficient doctor and staff” (Dr. Hibberd)

  • Doctor Jacobs is a pleasure to meet with and speak to. I enjoy his manner and approach.”

  • Dr. Kaiser is awesome! Not only is he a great surgeon, he is attentive and helpful during each office visit!”

  • “Thank y’all for what you do! I’ve been to multiple doctors in multiple states as my husband and I have moved in the military 14 times in 26 yrs. It has always been so hard to get established in a short time before having to leave again. As a Professional Patient I can honestly say that your group is the BEST I’ve seen ANYWHERE! You are a big part of the reason that we decided to retire here in San Antonio! Thank you!”

  • “As always staff very friendly, wait is usually very, very minimal, the best I’ve EVER experienced.” (Dr. Pace)

  • “Waiting area is clean and spacious I liked the professionalism and thoroughness of my doctor – Dr. Alexander Rowland. When I returned for a second visit he was very familiar with my medical concerns – I didn’t have to explain them again to him; I really appreciated that.”

  • “I have the best Dr. in Dr. Brad Tolin. His staff is A1 and Linda and Irene are both the very best at what they do. I would never go anywhere else. I have sent other people to see them as well and they are very happy with the Orthopedic Group. Thank you all for the finest care every patient wishes for. You are the best!”

  • Dr. Viroslav was very understanding of my condition and offered solutions to help manage my problem knees.”

  • “[I liked] the concern that is shown by PA and doctor to find out what is going on and what the best treatment would be for me.” (Dr. Taber)

  • Dr. Ochoa wasn’t even scheduled to see me today, I was in there for an injection with a PA, but Dr. Ochoa came in the room to check on me and the progress with my knee. Very professional!”

  • Dr. Ursone is very personable and gives his full attention to his patients. He is a very confident and competent doctor. I am extremely happy with the care I have received from him.”

  • Dr Bell was very informative and attentive to my concerns and left me with a sense of reassurance. I went to him as a second opinion and the quality of my appointment was like night and day. It was that good!”

  • “I have a strong sense of confidence in Dr. Brenman. I appreciate his direct and concise delivery of information. Very reassuring.”

  • “I really enjoy my visits to this office. The Dr and staff are very efficient and are concerned about the patient.” (Dr. Marx)

  • “Thank you Dr Woodbury for being the one Dr out of 3 that took the time to explain what is going on with my arm and gave me a possible solution to fix it. I just wish I would have met you a month ago.”

  • “[I liked] the kindness, consideration and professionalism shown by everyone.” (Dr. Gonzalez)

We encourage you to review and rate your experience at TSAOG. The next time you visit us, please take the time to fill out our customer survey and you may see one of your comments online the next month!



NOTE: We cannot provide medical advice or diagnoses without seeing a patient in person.

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